Thursday, March 13, 2008

Take me to your leader.

* Correction: his Fierceness is from Annapolis, not Baltimore. Wishful thinking. My bad.

I come in peace.

Yeah, take me to your leader please, what's his name... Tim Gunn. One million high-fives to his Fierceness, but I really feel that had the Guide to Style Taste and Class been the surprise guest judge, instead of Ms. and-I-am hard-to-make-smile-Beckham, a lil lady from Long Island would be America's next top American designer, and not the lil lady from Annapolis. Although I heart Vicky B., I fear she has joined the long (ok, it's not long) list of guest judges on Project Runway who make really obvious decisions, but everyone still has to listen / be nice to.

So Tim, Whooo will be the next great American designer? Methinks it is the woman whose vision led to this:

And this...

this guy...

And this, whatever it is. I like very much.


Mais non, and our girl J is the 1st to go. (That's a burn, Bravo, I'm not sure you know.) Don't hit your head on the glass ceiling on your way out, Jill. I mean, what does it take for a woman to get ahead in this town? (This town = If I were a Hillary supporter, I would make some inane comment here in manner of G. Ferraro. Actually, I do support Hillary for many reasons, so I'll go ahead and do it: Christian is very lucky he's a tiny, fierce, gay man with interesting hair. He would not be in the position he is in if he and VB did not wear the same size pants or share a love for black. That's all I will say. Until I say it three more times and am forced to resign.

Oh, wait... I will also say,

Ok. If you think I've made my point, you're right, I'm almost done.

It is like they always say, a picture montage of five boring black outfits is worth a thousand words. Where is the love, Christian? Where is the pop of color? Where is the Marthe can see herself in this outfit? Where is the "smile" for people who are not amused by the same things as Victoria Beckham? Maybe I have a Brady Bunch color problem similar to Rami's. And I admit, I also have a bias-- black does unkind things to my Irish skin. In the right month of winter I can look absolutely see-through.

Black is just major.

Christian's line was fierce though, no doubt about that. But, sorry Maryland, not my favorite.

Now my boy Rami, I love very much.

Except for this first one, which reminds me of those paper weaving projects we used to do in grade school. You know which ones I'm talking about? The strips of paper and the weaving? Yeah.

Hot. Love.

Work it.

Except for the sleeves on this guy, I love very much. That is one thing I will say about the final collections this year-- they all seemed to have a sleeve problem. It's like ever since Elisa inspired MK to say, "If spitting on your clothes makes a sleeve like that, then spit on them!" ... the designers have been trying too hard to be sleevey. I wouldn't doubt they are all secretly spitting on their garments at home. No me gusta. (Jillian's short blue dress was sleevey, too.)

I heart Michael Knight and his braces! Still!

Predictable British people or no, I loved the finale and all three collections. I can't wait to see what they do next, and I can only hope it includes something that will make an appearance in a TJ Maxx someday! Bravo, Rami, Jillian and Christian! Hearts and stars forever.

Lambs, I have to rest up for my drive to SJP's homeland tomorrow. Bachelorette party in Columbus. (Not my own, but for a very dear friend and, I believe, fellow Jillian supporter, Ms. O'Neill.) Have peaceful and happy weekends everyone.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Xtina responds with 'f' word to People's punny headline

Runway Winner Reacts with 'F' Word to SNL skit

Christian Siriano caught Amy Poehler’s impression of him on Saturday Night Live over the weekend and the Project Runway winner has just one word — an ‘F’ word — for the skit. And, no, it wasn’t “fierce.”

“I thought it was SO FUNNY,” the 22-year-old designer wrote in an e-mail to PEOPLE. “Amy [Poehler] looked exactly like me which is kinda scary, but fabulous.”

Known for his catty commentary and catchphrase, “That’s fierce,” the pint-sized designer wasn’t the only Project Runway personality to be parodied in the three-minute sketch about a hypothetical Runway spinoff, which features Siriano giving someone an apartment makeover. While Poehler played Siriano, the skit also featured guest host Amy Adams playing Runway host Heidi Klum and SNL castmember Bill Hader imitating Tim Gunn.

“The fact that they are even talking about me is so fierce, fabulous and flawless and is such an honor,” Siriano told PEOPLE. “[Poehler] was hilarious and little. It was so crazy that she looked just like me!”

And Poehler didn’t just nail Siriano’s sassy tone — she perfectly approximated his flat-ironed hair. “The hair was absolutely perfect,” Siriano wrote. “I don’t think I could have done it better myself. It was fierce!” –Brian Orloff and Rennie Dyball
This People article is here.

Fierce fabulous and flawless

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Recaps and gossip

JimC + SweetP 4eva

ASLO, there's a feud a brewin' between our dearest Tim Gunn and that ice princess, Victorya! 


Friday, March 7, 2008

"Me getting ready."

If you can't see Marion's sexy pose or caption here, he is in a sexy pose and it says: "I like to have photos from throughout the years. I'm a romantic."

Aww. Ooh, Marion.

Anyway, Bravo is getting all cool and Internety lately (except for that MyBravo incident-- really bad), which means more fun things to see and do. Today I browsed the "photo diaries" of all the Season 4 designers, and they are tres cute.

More recaps coming soon, lambs...

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Über Fierce

Had you suggested back in November, that I'd be pulling for the feisty Mr. Peepers lookalike to take home Season 4's Saturn'd have told you to get right out of town. But last night, when I saw Christian Siriano get misty-eyed on the runway, well, I teared up right along with him. Talk about a great ending, people! In a season so light on personality and heavy on talent, top prize went straight to the standout designer on both fronts. Christian was our favorite person to watch on camera, and, undoubtedly, the most vivacious designer. He was the fan favorite and the judges' favorite, and how many past winners can we say that about?

I'm so pleased that my little Xtina won, but, I loved all the collections, really. Well, no, not Rami's. His colors are reminiscent of Chloe Dao, and I just cannot handle that. (I'm probably not going to talk about the fact that he came in second, because I'm in a very positive mood right now.) And, I loved Jillian's collection, obviously. In fact, my absolute, favorite piece of the night belonged to her.

Those are pants. Pants! Come on, that's sweet. I could totally see that on the red carpet, plus, it's super-innovative. And while her final piece was my fave, she, of course, had a few others I loved...

And, I have to admit, one that I hated...

What is that, fencing uniform chic? Ummm, not my fave, darling. But, I do still love me some Jillian, and I was super sad to see her sulk off in third place. (Seriously? Third? Bullshit. Okay, I digress.) But, let's be real...although her "feminine attitude" was well-received by the judges, imagine if she had won. Would she have shed tears of joy? Or jumped on Heidi Klum's back and ridden down the runway? Or even bitingly replied "Yeah," when Tim asked if she could believe her luck? Probablement non.

But THIS little guy? He just wanted it more! And let me tell you something - his collection was fierce. A tad monotonous, to be sure, and that was my concern when I viewed the collections online weeks ago. But when you got to see the pieces close-up, you could easily recognize the details and definition in each piece. The fabric contrasts, the color me, they flowed beautifully. I started to realize my love for his collection when he was fitting Lea for this little number:

Instructions for wearing this dress include "It's not all about comfort!" and "Be really skinny! Don't eat!" But who cares? It's badass! I wouldn't normally expect myself to swoon over a design like this, but something about the leather spoke to me. Me and Michael Kors. Me, and Michael Kors, and Victoria Beckham, apparently.

I mean, MK and I are kind of pushovers, but Posh is not easy to make smile. And who could blame her for grinning with all those big hats and feathers coming down the runway! It's all so, I don't know, dressup! The judges had very few criticisms of Senor Siriano, but I appreciated Michael's critique when he said, "Let's be frank - not everyone can wear what you wear," to Mrs. Beckham. And, that's true, Posh would look precisely one million times better in Christian's clothes than would the average American woman. But the same could've been said for (well, every article of clothing, ever, but...) Rami's pieces, and definitely for Jillian's. I mean, I'd like to see someone who's not 5'10" and 120 pounds pull off that gold and sheer thingy she created. And while some of Christian's looks were more art than function, he balanced well between fantasy and ready-to-wear. For instance, maybe you wouldn't see someone rolling down the street in this:

But, the idea of the neckpiece, and the style of the hat, well, they're sort of awesome. And pared-down a bit...

it's a lot more wearable, non? Not to mention, um, féroce. So, in the end, I think the $100G went to the right diva, and I can't wait to see more from Christian in the future - perhaps, if we're lucky, at Victoria Beckham's next red carpet appearance...

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

When 3 become 1...

Some of you (ahem, John) may have noticed my absence from the Stunway over the past 3 weeks. Please rest assured, that my disappearance was not due to lack of PR love - in fact, quite the opposite! I have been far too excited about the final collections to talk about ANYTHING else, darlings! Now that those puppies ready to be broadcast on Bravo, I can't wait to simulcast my corresponding opinions...and, believe me, I have some opinions....

See you tomorrow, bitches.