Thursday, March 13, 2008

Take me to your leader.

* Correction: his Fierceness is from Annapolis, not Baltimore. Wishful thinking. My bad.

I come in peace.

Yeah, take me to your leader please, what's his name... Tim Gunn. One million high-fives to his Fierceness, but I really feel that had the Guide to Style Taste and Class been the surprise guest judge, instead of Ms. and-I-am hard-to-make-smile-Beckham, a lil lady from Long Island would be America's next top American designer, and not the lil lady from Annapolis. Although I heart Vicky B., I fear she has joined the long (ok, it's not long) list of guest judges on Project Runway who make really obvious decisions, but everyone still has to listen / be nice to.

So Tim, Whooo will be the next great American designer? Methinks it is the woman whose vision led to this:

And this...

this guy...

And this, whatever it is. I like very much.


Mais non, and our girl J is the 1st to go. (That's a burn, Bravo, I'm not sure you know.) Don't hit your head on the glass ceiling on your way out, Jill. I mean, what does it take for a woman to get ahead in this town? (This town = If I were a Hillary supporter, I would make some inane comment here in manner of G. Ferraro. Actually, I do support Hillary for many reasons, so I'll go ahead and do it: Christian is very lucky he's a tiny, fierce, gay man with interesting hair. He would not be in the position he is in if he and VB did not wear the same size pants or share a love for black. That's all I will say. Until I say it three more times and am forced to resign.

Oh, wait... I will also say,

Ok. If you think I've made my point, you're right, I'm almost done.

It is like they always say, a picture montage of five boring black outfits is worth a thousand words. Where is the love, Christian? Where is the pop of color? Where is the Marthe can see herself in this outfit? Where is the "smile" for people who are not amused by the same things as Victoria Beckham? Maybe I have a Brady Bunch color problem similar to Rami's. And I admit, I also have a bias-- black does unkind things to my Irish skin. In the right month of winter I can look absolutely see-through.

Black is just major.

Christian's line was fierce though, no doubt about that. But, sorry Maryland, not my favorite.

Now my boy Rami, I love very much.

Except for this first one, which reminds me of those paper weaving projects we used to do in grade school. You know which ones I'm talking about? The strips of paper and the weaving? Yeah.

Hot. Love.

Work it.

Except for the sleeves on this guy, I love very much. That is one thing I will say about the final collections this year-- they all seemed to have a sleeve problem. It's like ever since Elisa inspired MK to say, "If spitting on your clothes makes a sleeve like that, then spit on them!" ... the designers have been trying too hard to be sleevey. I wouldn't doubt they are all secretly spitting on their garments at home. No me gusta. (Jillian's short blue dress was sleevey, too.)

I heart Michael Knight and his braces! Still!

Predictable British people or no, I loved the finale and all three collections. I can't wait to see what they do next, and I can only hope it includes something that will make an appearance in a TJ Maxx someday! Bravo, Rami, Jillian and Christian! Hearts and stars forever.

Lambs, I have to rest up for my drive to SJP's homeland tomorrow. Bachelorette party in Columbus. (Not my own, but for a very dear friend and, I believe, fellow Jillian supporter, Ms. O'Neill.) Have peaceful and happy weekends everyone.

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