Friday, November 30, 2007

He's still having fun, and he's still the Best 1

Robert Best was, scissors-down, my favorite designer from Season 3. He was hilarious and, as the French say, supercool. Unfortunately, like Allison, he became another victim of that season's nasty habit of eliminating the designer with the "larger" model. When Robert was eliminated in the Everyday Woman challenge, I was pretty sure that Heidi and Michael Kors had never seen a woman who wasn't not-on-purpose-bigger than say, 5'9 Tiki Barber. If they saw what I ate over Thanksgiving they would probably eliminate me from going out in public.

Also he's a Gemini and super cute. Obvi.

Anywho, RB stole my heart in PR3 when, searching for a new way to describe the never-ending drama which is PR, suggested it be called "Project Stunway."

BAhahahaahaaa. Why is that still so hilarious to me? Clearly, because Robert Best is the best. But you don't have to take LeVar Burton's word for it. Check out what he's been up to at Mattel:
For the first time ever, two of America's favorite sweethearts - Barbie and the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders - have joined together to create the first-ever, Pink Label Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Barbie dolls. Fans of Barbie and The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders alike will cheer for these beautiful collector dolls, which represent the darlings of professional football dressed in a fabulous re-creation of the world-famous Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders uniform. Recently unveiled during the final episode of the Country Music Television (CMT) reality show "Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Making the Team 2," the new Barbie dolls arrive in time for the holidays... "Partnering with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders to design their first-ever Barbie dolls was absolutely incredible," said Director of Barbie Collector Marketing, Elizabeth Grampp. "The Barbie dolls represent the heart and soul of American spirit and reflect the intricate design of the world-renowned Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders uniforms." Mattel designer Robert Best meticulously reproduced the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders' internationally recognized uniform, including the iconic blouse, star-spangled vest and belt, and white shorts, with the finishing touches of white cowboy boots and blue and silver poms. (PR-Inside, 11/05/07)
I KNOW. I LOVE THAT SHOW TOO. Sigh. It rarely happens that two of my favorite shows come together to make an actual product. But as for the Barbie: Of COURSE Mattel designer Robert Best meticulously reproduced the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders' internationally recognized uniform down to the iconic blouse and star-spangled belt. We wouldn't expect anything less.

Robert Best, nous vous aimons. Call us. (By call I mean email.)

For more Robert Best, see this interview from, or read this interview (more recent I think) from

See you on the Stunway.

p.s. Bravo TV: Please give RB his own reality show. He is too modest to accept so you will have to give him whatever drug you gave Paula Abdul when you signed her up.

A cardigan attitude

My first reaction to this challenge was BORING! Ugh. I don't give a hoot about men's fashion. Esp. the kind of men's fashion that is allowed on the Today Show. Blech. But this is what PR decided to give us for Ep3, so we will have to do our best to enjoy it.

First of all, not a shock that Kevin is the only one who knew who Tiki Barber was - great running back... blah blah blah. Oh wait. Did everyone remember that Kevin is straight? Okay, good. Whew. Wouldn't want him to get mixed up with all the gayz. Good thing this football-related challenge allowed Kev to squeeze out one more "I'm straight." (Kevin, you know I'm just teasing. I still *heart* you).

Speaking of Kevin... I agree with Helene that his outfit was pretty fab. In my opinion, he got a raw deal in all that criticism of his color choice. I remember Tiki saying he was "not afraid of color" and that he "wears pink." AND unless my eyes deceive me, he is wearing a purple tie and pocket square in his promo picture:

WHATEVS, MK and Heidi. Whatevs. And Tiki, you know you loved it.

On to the panic/challenge. I understand that none of the designers have experience with men's wear, but I also am not sure why this caused EVERYONE to TOTALLY FREAK OUT. I mean... you are designers,right? I get it that men's clothing is more difficult to tailor than women's, but I just think all the designers should have taken a deep breath and thought about this challenge before going into i-must-make-a-suit-but-i-dont-know-how-to-make-a-suit-omg-what-if-i-get-out mode. I'm not sure why no one (besides Elisa, but that doesn't count because it was fug) thought to make a sweater or something. That seems easier to me, but I'm not a designer/seamstress.

FUG or camping/outdoors-y wear?

Fug. Elisa: you are NUTS.

Moving on. Tiki, I will say that you seem to have a real and well developed interest in fashion. It was hilarious that you and your wife "have spent a lot of time figuring out what looks good on you." No embarrassment with that statement 'cause he knows he looks good.

While Jack obvi made by far the best looking shirt, I think the win could have just as easily gone to Kevin or Kit. I liked Kit's outfit and thought she should have gotten more props for making 3 whole pieces. She's one of the only designers who thought outside the box about the challenge. She knew time would be an issue and so she choose a fabric that would be easy to work with. MK was right on when he said her outfit had "a cardigan attitude without being Grandpa." True.

I think this young gentleman looks quite dapper and Today Show-appropriate. Well done, Kit. Well done indeed. Who knew one could do so much with fleece?

Lets see... what else. Oh, Jillian continues to work quietly and safely. I'll have to say, I like her much better when she tames that hair. She actually looks quite cute:

It was def time for Carmen to go. I think she knew it and I don't really feel bad about this one. No shirt, bad fit, you're OUT. She did crack me up for a minute when she said how she would take the measurements of her male model. Can't blame her. Those dudes were tres hot.

Oh! The previews for next week! WTF is up with another team challenge so soon?? Team challenge, then menswear (booo), then team challenge AGAIN? NOooooooo! I want to get to know these designers as individuals and see what they come up with on their own before too many more of them are auf'd. Now I'm all agitated about this. I'll be sure to post again once I calm down and can think about my predictions for next week. I can't even begin to think about a collaboration between Victorya and Ricky. The mind reels.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I would like to thank the producers of Project Runway, who obviously read this blog every day, and chose to tailor Episode 3 specifically to my likes, dislikes, and general interests.
Likes: Jack. Dislikes: Carmen. General Interests: Football.

“None of us really know who he is…but wow, he’s gorgeous!” Le sigh…and with those few lines of poetry, young Ricky has summed up what 99% of the Project Runway viewing audience was thinking. Though I obviously love all things sportif, I'm not big on Tiki Barber for 2 reasons: a) I maintain an unavoidable crush on the Manning brothers, 2) it’s hard to respect a man who retired to spend his days with Meredith Viera. BUT, I totally appreciate PR’s attempt to segue into a new demographic, and I agree that he has the most adorable dimples in the world. I probably could have done without Squints Palledorous talking about spandex, though. He really creeps me out lately, especially when he wears his pimp hat. I also could have dealt without Kevin reminding us every five minutes that YOU GUYS, HE'S THE STRAIGHT ONE….okay, Kev, we get it…it’d be more believable if you didn’t gaze dreamily at TBarbs during the Runway show, but whatever.

WAIT! Everyone take a moment to thank Jack for always wearing a wife-beater....Okay...Now, on to the show! Heidi’s Star Trek dress in the opening should've served as a warning of the fug onslaught about to befall us, but I felt unprepared for so much ill-fitted yuck! Is this The New School for Design, or The Tim Gunn Center for Designers Who Can't Do Menswear Good and Want to Learn to Do Other Things Good Too? I guess that when the client tells you he likes dark colors, light colors, patterns, details, colors and….colors – it’s probably hard to determine what to make. But I think it still should have been obvious he wanted a SHIRT (ahemmm Carmen-like-the-opera).

Sidebar! Carmen's self-imposed nickname reached new depths of hilarity today. In the first place, the top she wore in the first half looked like a theater costume chopped off at the waist (not to mention this necklace - blech!). Deuxieme, WTF was up with her and Ricky’s musical theater at the sewing machines? She was trying to pull a Sanitino a la “Dan Franco Where Did You Go,” but she is a bad singer with NO CREATIVITY. Oh hey, no creativity! Foreshadowing!

Almost everyone made total crap, so I think the judging was pretty straightforward, n’est-ce pas? Half the designers turned their but-why-male-models into their apprentices, and Ricky was so busy he barely even clothed his poor boy! Personally, I didn’t reaaaalllyyy notice the pins on his clothes...but I did notice Carmen’s design. As did Michael Kors, and did you SEE his glare on the runway?! He pulled a Nina! Normally he'll just roll his eyes or something equally passive aggressive, but he fully looked like he was holding back spew when her model walked out...I am so proud! That along with his assumption that Sweet P was being "intentionally ugly" were my favorite MK moments of the season. I do wish the judges had given Kevin more credit, though. That outfit looked exactly like something a certain pretty-boy from New England would have sported in a post-game interview. (Brady LOVES pocket squares, and I'm pretty sure he wore purple in a GQ spread awhile back. I’m sorry for knowing that - I dated a Masshole.) Aside from Kev, I think the judges got it right this time: Jack’s was the best (obvi), and Carmen’s was the worst. Her outfit was straight-up offensive ( <-- obligatory football pun). In the picture below, it looks like her model is wearing a risque women's one-piece bathing suit, and the sweet, sweet irony that her “Members Only” jacket got her auf’d is almost too much for me to take. Now for the moment I have been dreaming of since minute one of ep one: Carmen....LONG PAUSE LONG PAUSE LONG are out. Hasta never, mamasita.

Important notes from this week’s episode:

Chris March was totally channeling Albert Goldman in this ep. I was waiting for him to say “How bout them dolphins?!” all night.

Elisa refusing to touch that gorgeous man was just wrong – bia, there are girls out there starving and you are fasting.

Jack, when Tim Gunn says “carry on,” he is not being literal, so please quit carting Christian around between challenges.

Live Blogging .... maybe. This isn't wonkette people.

10:01: Hello, Jack. Jack is talking about his HIV. I love Jack.
10:02: Chris is so cute! Christian says he's humbled from the last show, followed by that he's the best designer in the entire world.
10:02: Bye Heidi! (Ohh that dress is a no.)
10:03: Tiki Barber!!! WHO IS THAT?!
10:03: Steven knows nothing about football? Shocking.
10:04: the Today show? seriously? Gooo.... I am not into this.
10:06: I wish Tim Gunn would walk into my room and say, "we're going shopping."
10:07: Rami is "naturally" nervous. Chris March is laughing laughing. Jack is freakin. Kit knows everything about Television.
10:08: Ricky reveals he "has to show them he can make a suit" on the episode where the challenge is to show them he can make a suit.
10:09: Uh Oh. Keith Michael flashback.
10:10: The claws have been brought forth by the menswear, says Kit Pistol.
10:11: TG: Time IS up. Steven is still in a p.i.m.p. hat.
10:11: COMMERCIAL BREAK... dooo dah do. ... I AM SO NERVOUS for JACK.
Maud Vrais-Bleu: "I don't think Rami is gay."
Helene: "Ricky is a poet."
10:12: COMMERCIAL continued. Who wants to get text messages from the designers? that's silly. (Chris March please text message me.)
10:13: Out out brief candle. Kit Pistol philosophizes about time.
10:17: Wait, these designers are attracted to the male models? but that would mean they are gay.
10:18: never-have-i-ever Elisa reveals she has only "intimately fitted" one man.
10:19: Oh God... seriously NOW WHAT? Who is that?
10:21: Tim introduces the woman who will probably kick off the wrong contestant. maybe she's not a guest judge.
10:22: Tim speaking in the 3rd person. Ricky no look good to Tim.
10:23: Helene du Blonde would like to remind Carmen that THIS IS THE MILLENNIUM
10:24: Members only. I'm still thinking about that.
10:25: Ricky & Carmen are cursing. Why why why? Maybe because this is the worst challenge ever. Tiki Barber, fine whatever, but why why why give them zero time? Sometimes i think they want them to make absolute crap.
10:29: HdB predicts it's Adios Ricky or Carmen.
10:30: Jack Mackenroth feels good, probably because he has the coolest name ever.
10:31: ew- i just caught a glimpse of Marion's outfit on the wall of shame.
10:32: Panic. Panic and emptiness.
10:33: Tim is worried. Tim, so are we. So. Are. We.
10:34: Ok- I've just been informed they had 2 and half days. Or a day and two half days. Whatever. Bravo is making it look like they had about 2 minutes. Sigh. I need some Celestial Seasonings tension tamer tea.
10:39: Oh God. the runway. never has this weird echoey electronic music been more appropriate.
10:40: Wait... hold on... Christian really likes his own outfit.
10:42: Sweet P pretends to shoot herself. Victorya is probs safe. Kevin disappoints again. I'm worried for Chris March.
10:43: These clothes look like total garbage to me. Maud feels like Elisa's model is dressed more for chopping wood than running back.
10:45: Someone give MK a Xanax. Me too.
10:46: TK: "Actually, I'm 5'9." He's just a bitty thang!
10:47: Heidi stands up for Jack, probably because he is adorable.
10:48: Ricky tries to make Tiki Barber look the fool on the Today show.
10:49: Heidi mentions David Beckham AND Seal in the same minute.
10:49: Kit Pistol loves that fleece and luckily for her, so does MK.
10:50: MK wonders if Sweet P. was going for "Intentionally ugly." Tres mal pour elle.
10:54: COMMERCIAL: My anti-dog roommate just said, "Let's get 6 puppies." PR is magical.
10:55: Jack wins!
10:56: Sweet P is in by an act of God only. Probably because God hates swearing, Carmen and Ricky!
10:58: 2 words: members only. members only. Sorry Carmen.
10:59: Ricky is crying, for reasons we understand.
11:00: Congratulations Jack! Whew. Thank God it's on again because that episode felt like a total blur. Tiki Barber was there, even Seal and David Beckham were given cameo reference appearances. Quite a day people. Or a day and two half days. Whatevs.


OMG it's finally Wednesday! What a wonderful gift that we have PR right smack in the middle of the week... really breaks up the monotony. Here are my predictions, thoughts and hopes for tonight:

Carmen: Listen, my first impression of you was that you were really cool and intimidating. However, you have proven to be less cool, and more blah than I hoped. Based on your bio and interview, I think you must have something cool up your sleeve... PLEASE bring it this week with something fierce. You're IN.

Chris: You are so sweet and nice. Maybe too nice? I appreciate a person who finds it hard to be mean (I'm the same way in real life), but I hope you're still looking out for numero uno. This is a competition for you as well. You're IN.

Christian: your attitude is actually hilarious and you've got some of the best quotes so far this season. I mean, the way you brush aside Tim's concerns about your outfits with a casual, "I think I'm fine" is a true study in self esteem. Keep on doing what you do, but just don't come cryin' to me when you get auf'd for not listening. You'll be IN for at least one more week.

Elisa: this week I hope to see something that's not poly-morphic. Can you do that for me? Not sure. You might be ouwt.

Jack: I know there are still a ton of designers left, so it's hard to get camera time, but let's see more of you this week, dahling. You're IN.

Jillian: I still don't like you. And I like you even less because I agree with Marthe that you are like a stealth airplane - laying low until at least two of my fav designers get auf'd. I will give you props for wearing a hat or headband or whatever that was on your head last week and covering up that 1997 mop you have on your head. I'm sure you'll be invisibly IN.

Kevin: I think I may like you mostly for your smile and your (blue?) eyes. I'm predicting you'll be IN this week. Yawn.

Kit: You're growing on me, I'll have to say. In your into interviews I wasn't really into the whole, "I'm cute like Debbie Harry" thing. But you've done well for yourself. You'll be IN.

Rami: Meh. you're good. You know you're good, but you just say it with your eyes instead of with your mouth like Christian. Just as annoying, in my opinion! I will eat Ricky's hat if you aren't IN tonight.

Ricky: Speaking of you and your hats... what the eff? Honestly, it's been bothering me all season. Are you a railroad conductor? A cop? A stripper-cop? I don't get it. With all the crying you've been doing, you may be auf tonight.

Steven: I liked that suit you made in Ep1 and I like you red-headed model. I think you'll have to really prove you've got something to avoid being in the bottom 2 this week. Wash that raggedy Marion out of your hair and bring on the glam or else you'll be ouwt!

Sweet P: So far you really have been "sweet" but Mean P is bound to come out soon. Love it. You're IN.

Victorya: You know you're the shizz. IN and WINNER (again)!

See you bitches on the runway.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ralph Lauren called

Maybe if I'm really preppy I MEAN quiet, no one will notice that I'm here.

"Project Runway Four."

"Hey. It's me Ralph Lauren."

"Hey Ralph. Nina Garcia. I'm just hanging out with Michael Kors. Oh, and Heidi Klum & Seal."



"You guys have one of my illustrators."

"RL! I don't think so."

"Oui. She's the one flying dangerously under the radar. Also, she named her model after me."

"Ohhhhh... Kevin. No? Sorry Ralph Lauren. It's Wednesday. We're going to have to call you back."

Crocodile tears will get you everywhere, daahling.

Mid-Week Fantasy Update: I know….I know… I need to come to terms with the fact that Jack is just not scoring Team DVSW any points. But he is just too beautiful & sensitive for me to kick off the team! Perhaps I will give him one more week to make it work before trading him out for Chris March. As for the rest of the team, I knew Sweet P was going to be a good choice for week 2 because the previews had her in tears, but my co-worker tried to tell me that she would be the Cincinnati Bengals of Project Runway: performs well in the beginning, gets me all psyched, and inevitably falters and leaves me hitting my head against my desk. But check out my score report:

3 points SWEET P : Personally saying "make it work"
3 points
SWEET P : Crying
1 points
RAMI : Saying "vision"

Welllllllll snap! In your face, Andy – this week Sweet P had 6 points and Ocho Cinco had 18. OH MY GOD I AM THE WINNER! Well, not really…but I am not as much of a loser as last week…hooray! This stratgery of picking the weepiest contestant has clearly steered me in the right direction, but don’t think I’ll be choosing Carmen anytime soon just because she is Captain Criesalot – no amount of tears could overcome the fug she exudes on the runway.

In non-PR news, did you hear it was Thanksgiving? Well, it totally was, and that means Christmahanukwanzaakah is just around the corner! Now for anyone feeling generous, here’s my shopping list in pictures:

Man, Heidi has like 11 lines of Jewelry out right now. There’s the uber-cheap QVC line, the top-shelf Mouawad line, and now, the middle-of-the-road Runway Line – in which she sells the jewelry she wears in each episode on This is a fantastic discovery, which I shall immediately forward to Monsiuer et Madame du Blonde for December 25th purposes…

Aaaand finally, I hope you all caught Ms. Klum on How I Met Your Mother last night. It was a hilarious episode, and she was adorable in it (though she mentioned eating mini-burgers, which I am fairly sure she does not)...

iTunes it if you missed it!

Monday, November 26, 2007

"Fashion shouldn't be a luxury."

Oh SJP, truer words have never been spoken. How many times have I seen something super adorable, the actual purchase of which would not have been compatible with my desire to continue to live indoors. For example, those cute little pointy-toed plum flats that would have matched my favorite clutch but still cost $80 on sale and I was only working part time so it just wasn't a good time to be buying frivolous shoes. Gah! I still think about those and that was at least two years ago. Anyway, I love that SJP is so sensitive to working girls with a penchant for fashion. I think it must be because she is from Ohio. Salt of the earth, ya know?

Moving on. I loved how nervous all the designers were when they were pitching their ideas to SJP! Chris March looked like he was totally in lurve and starstruck. Poor Kevin was so flustered on his way out that he left SJP hanging on the handshake (of course, she played it off with ease and charm -- it was a very Carrie moment, I thought). Even Carmen, who was all bossy and in my opinion tacky throwing her name out there, seemed a little rushed and agitated. Who wouldn't be?!

As usual, Elisa provided us with some classic reality tv moments. Her "spit marking" technique was obviously silly, and although I do not have much (any) sewing experience, it doesn't seem like a very accurate or long-lasting way to mark fabric. I actually loved the way Sweet P and Elisa worked together. Sweet P had the patience of a saint and really tried hard to make sure her outfit was good, regardless of her partner. It was refreshing to see that even a mis-matched team can make it work.

And now, the runway.

Elisa: can we get a new color next week? I've had enough of the teal, thank you. I do love the cape though, and if you had won I maybe would have driven to whatever random strip mall in Maryland is home to Steve & Barry's to pick one up. Well done. One thing about the model here... what's going on? It looks like she's having trouble straightening her legs or something.

Ricky and Jack were also good together, though I have a few problems with the styling of their model. Not sure about those boots, and the hair... meh. But I do like the color and the belt is tres cute.

Kit Pistol, Chris M., Rami and Jillian, may I have a word with you please? I do not like leggings as pants. To me, it is just not chic. Don't get me wrong - I love love love the thick tights that are in style now. If you put a boot with the leggings (so as to hide them), or tights with heels, or pants, or ANYTHING else you may have won:

I mean, wouldn't these outfits have been much cuter with sweet little above the ankle stovepipe pants? Or I even think really wide-leg pants could work. So many things would have been better! Leggings are just sooooo, I dunno... lazy looking? Workout-esque? Unflattering? (Seriously. Unless one is totally toned, one's derriere is going to look squishy at best in leggings.) BAD!

I'm interested to see what this "hardest challenge ever" is going to be here in Ep 3. What in the world will they come up with next? Ahh, that's why we love PR. See you on the runway.

Aw, Ricky you're so fine, you're so fine why are you crying all the time baby boi?

SJP proves once again that she can really turn on the faucet. First Chris March is crying (he's cute), then Ricky's crying, Carmen's crying, Ricky again. So emotional. But can I just say how much I like all the designers so far this season? I would much rather them all be crying, all the time, every episode, than watch another Wendy Pepper ruin everyone's life with her horrible clothes and personality. These designers are great. Group hug.

This episode was a team episode and team episodes just kill me. I'm always nervous they will eliminate the entire team, especially when Heidi says, "And tonight ... (extremely long pause) ... one or more of you ... will be auwt."

One or more?! Oh noooooo! Not what I want to hear considering that team episodes inevitably end in disaster, usually, we have learned, for the leader. Project Memory Lane: Jeffrey & Angela's mom... Chloe, Kara & Daniel Franco.... Wendy Pepper & Kevin...

But only Marion was auf'd. He's a sweetheart and I was sorry to see him go. He looked so sad, and unlike Christian he didn't get salty with SJP or try to blame her for his terrible outfit. Maybe I will buy some flowers from his flower shop. Ahahaa just kidding his "flower shop" is cool-looking and probably super expensive. Oh Marion Lee, our time together was too short, like a rosebud that never blossomed due to a late spring frost.

Moving on. Elisa, I love you. Go ahead girl. True weirdos will always be OK in my blog because of their special ability to expose some cool people as ... well, not so cool. Sweet P.'s attitude was pretty bad when she was paired with Elisa. One could say her mind was so narrow you couldn't ride a Hells Belles motorcycle through it. Why the 'tude, P.? Is Elisa really that weird? I don't know. She seems OK to me. I've seen weirder. I thought Heidi was kind of condescending to her also. If someone says she is from another planet in episode 3 I am writing a letter. Annoooying.
My favorite outfit was mos def Victorya's. Aaaagain. Love it. Love her.

Friday, November 23, 2007 BFF, SJP?

I would just like to say that if you did not gasp, cry, and/or applaud when Sarah Jessica Parker walked into the deisgn studio, this blog is not for you.  My own personal reaction was an OMG audible to the neighbs, followed by several utterances of GET OUT, and my face looked about like our friend Jack here.  I mean...Best.  Guest Judge.  Ever.  But at the same time, it was sort of weird seeing Carrie Bradshaw off the set of Sex and the City.  It felt kind of like seeing your teacher outside of school...they're not supposed to exist outside the classroom! And Carrie's not supposed to exist outside of my dvd collection.  It was weird.  

Carrying on - In case you missed it, the challenge was to get in teams of 2 and design an outfit for SJP's Bitten clothing line with a budget of (gasp!) fifteen smackeroos. With all that in mind it's no surprise this episode unfolded into something resembling a Forever 21 challenge.  Every outfit looked like something I would buy for super cheap at XXI, wear once, then never really bust out again.  The colors, the was all just so the-mall-at-Pentagon-City.

But while the guest judge totally shocked me, the judging itself was pretty predictable.  I mean...the outfit Carmen helped with turned out to be retro?!  NO WAY.  Victorya designed something pleasing to the lead character of Sex and the City?!  GET OUT.   Elisa acted like she was from another planet?  STFU!   People are really falling into their roles now.  And speaking of roles, I have developed a theory that Christian is not a real person - he is just Chris Kattan posing as a flamboyant fashion designer to pull a prank on Bravo.
It's totally possible, think about it - CHRIStian! And NBC and Bravo are partners, plus COME ON they look like they were separated at birth.  All he had to do was change the hair on his Corky Romano character, and voila - c'est Christian!  Well, you're not fooling me, Mr. Peepers.  We'll just see how long you can keep this up... 

But they're all still in, so let's talk about who's out.  Ooooh, Marion.  Your designs were nowhere near as delish as your pizza.  MK compared this week's loozer to Cousin It, Heidi went with Pocahantas, but personally, I felt that this fugness was more akin to an extra from Braveheart.  And although that is one of my favorite movies eva, I was not a fan of this design. Marion, let's talk. You knew you were getting eliminated, and I have no idea why last week's disaster didn't get you auf'd.  But how DARE you parade that shiz in front of my idols Carrie Bradshaw and NEENAGAHCEEAH?  It's just disrespectful, and you deserved to go last week anyway, so Marion, revoir from me to you.

And P.S. your model sucks.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Lighten up, it's just fashion!

Allison Kelly was one of my fav designers from PR3. I thought she was so cute and really talented and it was garbage that she was eliminated basically because her model was "too fat." To be fair, I think they described her as being "bigger than the other models" or something nice like that. The silly bow hair was her choice, but Allison should have made it much further in the season and obviously someone crappy like Angela or Vincent should have gone first.

I mean... this is bad:

But isn't this worse:

Ugh. Okay, but back to why this matters for this season... Allison is now a featured blogger on and will be commenting on the designs and designers on PR4.

At first I was really excited to hear more from Allison. But then I read her post:

I am not a blogger by nature. I despise the negative energy which proliferates throughout the cyber world, but when asked to contribute to Bravo, I decided it would be quite fun to analyze the designs from season 4 from the other side of the runway. My approach is simply analytical, I want to create a positive dialogue about design and nothing less."

WHATEVER Allison. Thanks for making me fee like a bad person for being "negative" in the "cyber world." Lighten up, it's just fashion!

More from Allison: She liked Christian's design, which makes me think he may stick around longer than I originally expected him to. Good luck young man. She also agrees with me and Heidi about Simone's color choices being "smart & modern." It even seems she may think the wrong designer was sent home in this first ep:

"I love acid yellow in detailing, it looks far more chic than a model tripping over a malange of fabric scraps."

HahahahahahaHAAA! Even sweet Allison who is trying to keep it all positive can't resist a little jab at that fugly, poo-ing dress of Elisa's.

Tomorrow I'll be looking for Kevin to step it up a bit. Carmen, you're on my auf list until you show me something cute. Victorya, Steven, carry on with the good stuff. Based on the previews, it looks like a team-based challenge this week, which historically means there's going to be a lot of ugly up on the runway and a lot of drama in the design room. Woot! I'm ready for ep2!