Thursday, August 20, 2009

What channel is Lifetime on?

Wowza. Even though it feels like it's been a bagillion years since the last ep of Project Runway, it still seems like this popped up out of nowhere. I thought the show would be lost in lawsuit limbo forever, but then suddenly:

In four hours and twenty-eight minutes Tim Gunn, Heidi, MK, and NinaGarciaFashionDirectorOfElleMagazine are back in our lives. Yay!

It does not bode well that I have no idea what channel Lifetime is on my teevee. Also we have not had time to update the header of this here Project Stunway blog (clearly, we are now going to be sounding auf on PR6). But despite the rocky start, we are IN.

See you on the runway.


Maud Vrais Bleu said...

OMG - first post in almost a year! Way to go Stunway!

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