Thursday, August 14, 2008

No, no...MY taste is impeccable.

Ugh, what a load of crap.  And I hate to say it, but Kelli's design belongs right there with 'em. Then again, so did, well, the rest of them. Except, of course, for Blayne's! Heeeere we go, kiddies....

First and foremost, good God, Kelli's outfit was heinous. Like, it was bad. Not bad as in good, bad as in skanky. And in NO way was it Daniel's fault. Is Kelli a better designer than Daniel? Yeah, probs, but dude....Daniel didn't put turquoise on your model's ta-tas. You did that! Perhaps oh ye of impeccable taste should have said something, but it's not like Kelli was listening to him, um, at all.

To me, this garment was beyond help - the flaws were not in the execution, but in the design. Number one: Brooke Shields mentioned that, well, she has hips, and we all know she's birthed a few kiddies in her day, so she probably wants to place the emphasis awaaaaaaaay from her mid-section, rather than having a jacket that lampoons out at the wasit, no? Beyond that, the top fit whore-ibly, the cuffs on the jacket looked silly, and, overall, I don't know what to tell was just...ugs.

Don't feel bad, Kelli, you weren't alone up there! Unfortch, you were up there with the wrong people.  Because, Blayne's design....bottom two?!  P'scuse! That was cute!!! Yeah, yeah, too casual...WHATEVER.  She had pearls on!
I guess I'm just mad because, in the last episode, we learned the lesson that it's perfectly alright to disregard the challenge, as long as your garment is cute in the end! Now you're telling me we have to listen to what the clients say?? How annoying! I feel like Blayne deserved serious props in this ep. HELLO -- this is the first wearable garment he's made! Holla atcha boi, Nina!  No?

Well, fine, I'd have to assume a lot of people will disagree with me on Blayne's design, but can we all concur that Korto should have been taken to task for that pumpkin-hued Aladdin number she threw out?!

What the haze? That jacket was straight up stupid.  And personally, I'd rather look like a slut than look like a sweet potato, but....perhaps that's just me.

My final comments go the the top two teams - for whom my praise is, um...restrained, at best. I didn't like Keith's skirt, but I have a difficult time criticizing Kenley, so I'll stop there. And I thought Jerella's design was a bit nuts, but if you're asking me if I could see this:

Wearing this:

The answer is, "BWAAHAHAHAHA! Um...yes."


LauraB said...

Hey I totally agree about Blayne's outfit. I was annoyed because Brooke picked him because his was different, told him to not go overboard, and then they all blasted him for not being more outrageous! I think it was a conflicting message for him and he did the best he could. At least it was well-made.

Anonymous said...

Well done with your comments about Kelli's design. Um, helllloooo! What's worse is that she's raking everyone over the coals in every interview - her design was just what Brooke should wear, the judges are old and wrong, Daniel was to blame, etc. Crazytown!

Anonymous said...

Blayne's outfit was impeccable but could have been purchased at the Gap. If I was to go to a designer to have something custom made for me, I would not want something that looked so generic.
The most annoying part of the night: Kenley and her fake little laugh when Daniel said he had impeccable taste. What a beeotch.