Friday, August 22, 2008

Whatcha know Joe

"It's so far out of my realm that it takes me a good 10 minutes before I could really ... and still, I don't think I can get it really. I have to approach it as if I was making a Halloween costume for my daughters."
No offense, but are Joe's daughters 7-foot tall middle-aged male New Yorkers? Because he seemed to have no trouble with this challenge, despite his initial worries. At one point, it looked like his head may explode.

But we all know what happens, which is why we've gathered together today on Planet Blogosphere.

Marthe knows it's embarrassing. Suede knows it's embarrassing. But it's just something we've got to do, lambs. And, like horribly unfortunate photo montages at weddings and other family events, we should have known it was coming. Project Runway finally breaks the spirit of a good and decent straight man, and the moment must be recognized as an official Project Runway holiday. From now on, no school on August 20ths.

Ladies and gentleladies, I give you, the main event, Joe Detroit, a life in pictures.

Cracking up begins around 7:30 a.m.

Talking shit about Keith by 7:45 a.m.

Dancing in Ann-Margret's bra by lunchtime.

If one day we ever manage to get the image of a guy who looks a lot like our Dads dancing around in Ann-Margret's bra out of our heads-- we will have to give Joe his propers. He ends up having more fun than anyone, makes an appallingly ugly outfit, delights the judges, and wins!

Go ahead with yourself Joe!

But, sorry, I still think Terri got robbed. What does it take for a black woman to get ahead in America, people, for real?

All that and more coming up. 

Oh, Rudy! 


EmCam said...

I love the song reference in the title of this post. Miss you!

Also, love the documentation of Joe's slow disintegration from horrified straight male to bra wearing, prancing designah! Gotta love PR.

The Modern Gal said...

Joe has managed to rock the straight-dude vibe way more than that straight guy from last season ... what was his name?

If this season is to be salvaged, then we will all look back and say this was the episode that helped save it.

I'm thinking I'd like to see Terri in the finals.

Cliff O'Neill said...

Seriously! What will it take for them to let Terri win a much-deserved challenge?!

Anonymous said...

I agree--Terri was robbed and I don't say that just cuz she's from my hometown.

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