Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Shameless Wonkette live-blogging rip-off, postponed!

In honor of the hard-working, live-blogging talents at -- the only people in the universe who can write things that will make me laugh at 9:45 in the morning -- I'm going to live-blog tonight's next week's episode. These are historic times friends, and I'm addicted to MSNBC. 

Also, what can I say, them there time zones done confused me. Once I figured out what the hell time it was, I realized I'm too excited to see Bill and Biden speak to blog about how Joe's immunity will no doubt save him from otherwise certain doom tonight (I mean, I'm guessing).  

Even still! I will see you on the Stunway! 

But no seriously, this shit is funny. Hit refresh, biddies. 

1 comment:

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