Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ginormous Hat and Blinders: On

Gah! Ok, this is probably super old news to anyone who has not been hiding under a fake, decorative rock from Ikea this week, but Warning: do NOT visit Bravotv.com, in particular the link that says "Fashion Week 2008," if you want the rest of Season 4 to be any sort of surprise. I know it's not very Internetey of me, but I repeat: If you do not want to see Sweet P holding a microphone at Fashion Week or, more importantly, her ENTIRE collection-- do not do the deed! (Unless you're into previews. Then, by all means, you know where to do that thang mane: www.bravotv.com.)

Recap Time!

I love love loved last week's episode. Anyone with a penchant for sparkly, tacky, over-the-top, semi-slutty clothing knows that there are far too few occasions when green leopard velour is not only not a disaster, but expected and duly rewarded! I know this all too well. Last year I visited my long-distance boyfriend in Ohio, and it was not until I tried to get dressed for like, breakfast or something that I realized I had put together a wardrobe that would only be appropriate if I was going to some sort of non-stop nighttime party. Maybe OK in Alaska for that part of the year when the sun never comes up, not so much for the middle of Ohio in May. Practical is all well and good, but over-the-top impractical is much more fun and harder to get right (or wrong, if you're more of a Tim Gunnist).

I mean, wouldn't the world be a happier place if there were more ridiculous outfits? Let them wear Heatherette! Plenty of time to be boring when you're dead or working in an office in Washington, D.C.

I mean look at these faces.

Such joy and happiness.

But I don't think our Tim Gunn would agree, which isn't surprising at all, only worrying because anyone with an ounce of sense should agree with Tim Gunn all the time, on all subjects. He seemed more worried than usual during his regularly scheduled "I'm worried" counseling sessions, especially with Rami and Sweet P, for obvious reasons.

"Can I be blunt? I'm worried."

"I don't want this horrible, tacky, ridiculous, terrible challenge to be your downfall. I'm worried."

Wow, Tim tell us how you really feel. I guess we can't blame a man whose book is called A guide to quality, taste and style.

Or can we?




How can something so wrong look so right? Looooove it.

But not everyone got it wrong in the right sort of way. Although I'm glad to see Ricky go home (what was that gold thing? she looked like a mini-fridge), I agree with Nina and sort of liked his orange 1 piece as a bathing suit... it reminds me of a Michael Kors suit I bought at Loehmann's that is, frankly, pretty bossy. MK even said, "Let's be honest, it's not like I've never seen that suit before." That's because he designed that suit, only in green, and I HAVE IT. yay.

It's lucky for Rami and Sweet P that Michael Kors Fashion Designer has wanted to send Ricky back to Victoria's Secret from the first. Their models looked bad. bad. bad. Bad.

Sweet P's was more like ... robe and reveal how much your outfit also looks like a bathing suit but not even a very cute one?

And Rami's. Lord have mercy. When his model walked down the runway I was like, oh no she is not walking like that! That thing would have looked a hot mess even in taupe, so blaming it on his wild color choice doesn't hold up either. Let's see that one more time.

Oh yeah. That's pretty bad.

All right lambs, I'm out. See you on the Stunway.

(p.s. I also apologize for the tardy recap: Redecorating efforts in my bedroom have taken over my life, and I forgot for 2 seconds that I have a blog, the subject of which is about to come to a critical point! Literally! SO EXCITED OhmyGoshImGonnaDie.)

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Maud Vrais-Bleu said...

OMG you do have that Michael Kors bathing suit! I distinctly remember you were flaunting it all over Vegas last spring! LOVE IT.