Friday, February 8, 2008

She got what she wanted, but not in a good way.

With that brief, poetic stanza, Heidi Klum acutely summarized Rami's design. She also unwittingly described my relationship with Season 4.

Rami's diva asked for something pink, something sexy, something good-girl-gone-bad. And true enough, that's what she got...but, H.Klum was right - it wasn't pretty. And that scenario mirrors my feelings on this episode. I begged, whined and pleaded for Ricky to go...but, now that he has - I can't help but feel guilty about the way that it happened. The boy had no taste, and displayed zero ingenuity, but to send someone packing because they can't make a wrestling ensemble? Well, that just seems wrong.

I mean...doesn't it?

I kind of hated this challenge, you guys. Well, no, I loved it. Ferocia Coutura?! Come on, I'm human! Plus, the thought of Tim Gunn in the ring with these divas is beyond hilarious. But the may-the-best-designer-win piece of my heart kind of loathes stuff like this, because really, what did we learn on Wednesday? Christian's the best, Rami will find a way to drape no matter the circumstance, Jillian's a good girl, Sweet P's out of her league, Chris March makes a fierce costume, and, oh yeah, Ricky sucks. But that tells me little or nothing about each person's point of view, or what sort of collection they'll put forth at Bryant Park. True enough, we've got next week for that, but I just think this WWE Challenge would have been better suited for early-on in the know, when we were weeding out the ones who couldn't even sew. The Top Six is the big leagues, people, and here, designers get auf'd because they've got no POV - you get me?

Having said all that - PRAISE JESUS, RICKY IS GONE!!! Oh, sure, fine, the challenge was kind of bogus, but whatever, he was going this week no matter what. His outfit was horrid (Fishnets? Really?), and, as Pope Michael astutely pointed out, this is not the first time we've seen that bathing suit. (Though, it is the first time we've seen it in that gnarly color. Le ew. Le blech. Le yuck!) Whether or not I like the way things went down, the end result of this challenge makes me just giddy for next week's ep. Adios, Ricky! You may have conquered your fears, but you never conquered the fierce. Shoo!

And now - on to my faves! Okay, so, I totally love Christian's, obviously. But, I gotta give it to the other Chris this week. In minute like, 12, of the Ep, you hear CMarch chatting up a Mood employee for "that green leopard velour." Cut to 30 minutes later, and Nina Garcia's espousal that she "adores" the lining. So, what you're telling me is, Chris March made Nina Garcia, FashionDirectorOfElleMagazine, adore a frock made of green. leopard. velour. He shouldn't just win the challenge; someone get that man a trophy! But, I must admit, I do think at least part of the reason he out-foxed Xtina ,was that his model was the hottest thing since Nazri. I mean, look at her:

Um...DAMN. Sure, they all had sick bodies, but Chris' model was also kind of gorgeous, and I think that added a certain element of pretty that the rest of the designers were lacking. But Jillian's model was legit gorgeous too, and, I have to say, her design would probably be the one I'd wear if I were a female wrestler. I mean, I'd love to think I could pull off (double entendre) Christian's leather-and-lace ensemble, but in reality, J-bugg's design is far more my speed. It makes me think of the time my friend Henry said he wanted to have a Jell-O wrestling competition in his apartment, and Ashley and I agreed to be the headliners for the event. We were going to get super-hot outfits, and silk boxing robes, and walk out to the song Notorious. I mean, ew, no, we weren't really...but we did have it all planned out in our heads. And, had said plan ever come to fruition, I feel certain it would've looked a little something like this:

As always, I'd like to wrap up this topic by commending Jillian on her fashion decisions. Ugh, I just love her! I can't wait to see what she wears when she introduces her Fashion Week collection...

Blogger's Note: Sincerest apologies for the delay in this week's post. Sometimes, apparently, our full-time jobs have to take precedence over Stunway - won't happen again. More recaps to come, dear ones.


Debby said...

To me, Jillian's costume looks like a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader washed her uniform in hot water!

The Modern Gal said...

Amen, sister. Praise Jesus