Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Thrilling, huh?

Thrilling indeed, Tim! Last Wednesday was just a treasure, a closet-full of surprises. Who knew Jillian was so good at impressions? Who knew Heidi was so bad at impressions? Christian wins fan favorite? Michael Kors used to wear diaper pants? Rami is hot? Michael Knight still has the braces?

Still has the braces. I heart Michael Knight!

Speaking of Rami. Excuse-moi ... Ramilicious? Doesn't Rami know that if you are the hot one you shouldn't make jokes about, like, being the hot one? Maybe in Israel hot people are just hot. Not in America buddy.

Bahahaa just kidding, Ramilicious totally works for me. Bring it on Rami! Team Stunway accepts your challenge!

Someone else seemed to like Ramilicious as well, Steven. Did anyone else think that was sort of awkward when Steven went on and on about Rami's many "talents"?
Ok, me too! Loved it! Check them out:

"He took a long hard look at my arms and then played golf for a while."

So yes, the reunion show was thrilling. But maybe also a little awkward. A little kooky? A little home-sewn. But c'est la vie of reality TV characters. Soo less funny and much more awkward than your generic sitcom mom and dad. But also why we heart them, and last week, heart them we did.

Um, except for Carmen. Her cardigan attitude was really horrible, and she was edited to look like she had beef to stir-fry with anyone who had ever claimed to be associated with Season 4. To her credit, it must kind of suck to watch your friends-in-quotes say things like "thank GOD it wasn't us and instead that genie-pants-making lady went home." But honestly, Carmen ... baditude-- not a good look for you!

Another great moment was when Sweet P was like, "My favorite part is that I'm now more famous than Brad Pitt."

Oh honey. More famous? Try as famous as. That's closer to the truth by at least 0 percent.

Also loved seeing Michael Kors lose it. I think it's safe to say that if Traver Rains or any other part of Heatherette is looking at you like you're a fool, something really crazy is going on.

[Ridiculous designer looks at Michael Kors as though Michael Kors is the ridiculous one.]

Yes, there were so many great, happy moments throughout this season. But I didn't see the point in replaying, almost in their entirety, the most memorable bits. Who needed to see Chris March and Rami in the last episode again? Ok maybe my baby boomer mom (forgets things). But for most of us, these moments are memorable because we already REMEMBERED them already. Also, where was Heidi during the meeting when they decided that the best way to get the party started was with a depressing trip down Jack's worst nightmare lane? I don't blame him for groaning.

Next time Bravo, more montages of Kevin resisting homosexuality, Elisa being Elisa, and Jillian Lewis impressions... less of total sadness and misfortune.
"Honey, I gayed myself."

Someone call the Screen Actors Guild!

This reunion show also proved that the Wendy Pepper era on Project Runway is over. These designers are as freakishly altruistic as they have ever been, and seem to have a sense of, like, fairness or something. Weird. Marion, Jack, Sweet P, Kevin-- I half expected them to say that if they hadn't been kicked off, they would have sent themselves home just because it would have been the right thing to do. Maybe when one is more famous than Brad Pitt, there is no reason for bitterness. Only hope and laughter and smelling the roses from Marion's boutique.

That's all for now, little lambs. Can't want to see what sets off Tim Gunn's gag reflex tonight!


Sarah said...

Ah yes, another hour of awkward and heavily edited weirdness to add to the PR Reunion special archives.
You forgot about when the designers only got to ask the judges one question. Totes weird...

Debby T said...

If you've never been to Israel...go. The guys who are hot KNOW they're hot...and don't let you forget it. But they're cute when they're hot (unfortunately, some think that Crocs are hot...)

Anonymous said...

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