Sunday, February 17, 2008

"I love very much."

In the immortal words of Roberto Cavalli, this episode, I love very much. Not the most dramatic or surprising hour of our lives, but classic Project Runway for sure. Jillian has panic attack, thinks she will be auf'd, is safe. Chris March naps, makes identical dress to a prior challenge, wins heart of Italian with dramatic flare. Rami is stubborn, does not listen to Tim, refuses to turn off the part of his brain that chants "drape drape drape," makes sophisticated dress, is chastised for it, is forgiven. Sweet P is sweet, not good enough, cries, America loves her. Christian loves his outfit, finishes early, annoys other designers, wins challenge, is, in general, pretty fierce. Guest judge is unintentionally hilarious, Michael Kors is intentionally hilarious, Heidi is Heidi, Nina Garcia wants to see "more from you."

What can I say. Je l'aime toujours.

On Ram: Exhibit A:

From Drapes of Wrath:
Another field trip! Did you know instantly what wing you would use?
Honestly no. I spent an equal amount of time in each wing, taking every painting and piece of art in very seriously. In the end after realizing that the other three designers picked the same theme, I decided to go with the Roman wing because I saw so much beauty in every piece. There was a strong connection there.

Hmmm. Exhibit B:

"I'm worried."

"Drape. It is what I do."

Lying is clearly not Rami's strong suit. He spent the entire episode confessing to and defending his drapery obsessions, and I think someone even filmed him saying something like, "I knew right away which gallery I would choose." The following photo is further evidence that Rami sooo knew what he was going to do, he didn't even need a camera to help him remember. All that draping is locked safe in his beautiful arms, I mean head.

Rami's like "cameras are for the indecisive- just throw mine in that pool, bitches."

But, JUST as the Bard predicted, the judges weren't picking up what he was draping down, and he was almost sent home for doing-- as he has told us 1 million times-- what he loves to do and does best!! Would have been totally tragic, so I'm glad he's in for now. I am still pretending that the final collections are not available for the whole world to see ahead of time on, however, many a little bird has told me Rami will probably win the final spot. We shall see. I mean, Roberto Cavalli wanted to send Chris March to haute couture land, maybe Nina and Michael Kors will want to send him to the land of $100,000 and 2008 Saturn Astras.

Speaking of Roberto Cavalli. Lord have mercy that was maybe my favorite 10 minutes of television ever. What is better than listening to an old man speak broken English with a heavy Italian accent? Niente.

And touché, RC. Peacock tail? Poor Sweet P. Only designer to actually get auf'd. But honestly what was that? She made her model look like a pepper shaker from Pier 1.

She also had to endure Christian's weekly ritual of annoying his fellow contestants after sewing faster than 10 women at a Nike factory. Plenty of time left over for critiquing, arm-wrestling, praising his own work and taking pictures of himself.

He's even trained his model to annoy Sweet P in his absence.

But no doubt the man knows what he's doing. With two days, or 1 day and two half days, he could probably make extras from Robin Hood Men in Tights look fierce. Go and get your money lil' duffle bag boy.

I also really loved Jillian's entire look. She is my new favorite and I would like to one day buy her clothes at Steve and Barry.

Lambs, I'm auf to Target avec Maud for hair dye, trash bags and tights.

Congrats to the remaining designers. Looking forward to all the Final Four March Madness on NBC and its affiliates.


kate said...

the peacock tail screencap? brill.

Anonymous said...

Where's Chris March? You've omitted him completely.