Friday, February 15, 2008

It's a walk-off.

Don't you just love inspiration challenges? In seasons past, they've generated such masterpieces as Daniel V's orchid dress and Jay McCarroll's Chrysler building homage. But, man, if I were a contestant on PR4, I would feel eeeeever-so-slightly jipped. Because come on, season 3's top five went to Paris! Like, the one in France, guys. But Season 4, well...

Umm...the Upper East Side is the new Left Bank?

Now, a confession. For the first time ever, in my life....

I. Missed. An ep.

Oui. C'est vrai. But, as the PR producers have repeatedly denied my request for a 9pm air-time, my laryngitis and I had to pass out pre-show this week. I awoke from my NyQuil coma to several text messages, each of which consisted of only 3 letters:

"OMG" ... "YAY" ... "WTF"

My interest was peaked, to say the least. So last night, I finally settled down to find out what all the fuss was about. Turns out, um, those texts were pretty much dead on...

Christian really is spectacular, isn't he? I mean, jeebus, how did he even do that in two days?! And Jillian, well, shock of all shocks, I liked hers best. I know that as the captain of Team Jill, I'm totally biased, BUT....Seriously, give it up! Her dress was fierce. Plus, the lining in the Heidi said... "POW!" Admit it, you kind of loved it.

Aaaaand not surprisingly, Sweet P's creation was, well...yikes, what was that? I guess the dress wasn't really that bad (false, I think it was, but apparently, the fashion world condones anything that kind of looks Prada). Still, the styling choices, and by that, I mean the feathers, were heinous. I get where she was going but, per ush, the execution was off. Sweets was beyond out of her league at this point, so, much as I adore her, her time had come, mes amis.

Pretty sure Rami's time had come too, but....

You know the producers were sitting there like, "Umm....merde." Obviously they couldn't let Chris March into the Top 3, because, HELLO! HE GOT KICKED OFF ALREADY! But they also couldn't shoo Rami in when all he offered up was a purple sparkly version of his usual shtick. So, instead, they've chosen to present us with, dare I say it, a walk-off! But, come on Bravo, we know Rami's gonna win. (Seriously, we've all peeked at the collections here. We really, really know Rami's gonna win.)

But, my man Roberto was right - CMarch's couture was awesome. However, that crazy Italian was missing one thing the rest of the judges possessed: perspective. And damnit, they were right. Cah-riiiiiis! You made that dress already! It's gorgeous, to be sure, but you had to know Nina was gonna call you out on your lack of originality. It's kind of her thing, friend.

Overall, I thought the top 4 did pretty well for themselves. And no matter how much I complain about one-trick-ponies and remanufactured silhouettes, the end result of Episode 11 was this...

So, I mean, d'accord.


John said...
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John said...

Look at you busting out your Uppper East Side Reference! I'm so proud! Or rather - wouldbeproudifIwereabletogothere


love you lots anyways

Ferocia Coutura - just make sure I don't spray you in the eye with hairspray

Anonymous said...

What is everyone else seeing in Rami's collection that I am not. He has three fab dresses and then everything else is just OK. I like Chris' overall collection soooo much better and Christian's. . .lots and lots and lots of black jackets with puffy sleeves. HO HUM

Marthe Bonbon said...

I heart Jillian

John said...

where are the updates? this blog sucks!

in the words of christian it's a tranny mess

love, john