Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Clothes Encounters of a Fierce Kind

Famous NYC attorney, my friend, Matthew Skinner attended the Tonys recently (whenever the Tonys were) and ran into His Fierceness, Christian Siriano. Amazing.

Mr. Skinner also hung out with Rami "his pants are even tighter in person" Kashou at a gay bar "last weekend." Read on for deets and other Stunway celeb sightings.

Matt Skinner sits down with Project Stunway over a cup of Facebook:

Project Stunway: Matt. Can you tell me why and how you are partying with CS? I am excited and it wasn't even me.

Famous NYC Attorney Matthew Skinner: Haha, it wasn't so much partying with him as it was running into him outside the Tonys and standing next to him for 2 seconds while my friend took the photo.

In other news, though, I did see Rami last weekend at a gay bar. He, however, was surrounded by a harem of gorgeous male supermodels that did not give me a bloody inch to make a move and try to get a photo. Also, his pants are even tighter in person.

Project Stunway: Very nice! do i have permission to blog?

Famous NYC Attorney Matthew Skinner: Of course! And please use my name. This is the closest to my 15 minutes I may ever have. And everyone at the firm already knows about it anyway, I e-mailed it to all the recruiting people to put it on the brochures for next year.

Project Stunway: Totes fierce! I'll let you know when it's up.

Other Stunway Sightings:
DC socialite Nancy Powaga was running on the National Mall last week when she spied our favorite Bravo beauty queen, Kayne Gillaspie.

Nancy: guess who i saw at lunch!?

me: WHO

Nancy: Kayne Gillaspie

me: shut it

Nancy: it's shut

i was running on the mall

and he was across the street

with some man

and they were wearing matching outfits

he was wearing white shorts and a black tanktop

me: perfect

Kayne and "some man" Warren?


lach1313 said...

holy AWESOME, batman!!

Love to see Matt and Nancy travelling in the circles of fame. Maybe some day I'll come visit you all and do some celeb stalking myself

Tbone said...

I don't think that's Warren...

Marthe Bonbon said...

Thanks Tbone. :) Apologies to Warren and Some Man.