Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Keeping up with the Joneseseseses

This season's designers are fab! Besides being cuter than 10 minutes on the DailyPuppy.com, they also seem to want to win and be great, and not in an evil way. It's too early to know if they're going to be as oddly selfless as last season's group (which if you will remember was like, "Frankly, I think I should go home because really it's the right thing to do. I love my team/ hate myself."), but they are just as adorable. Let's meet the Joneseseses.

In no particular order unless most favorite to least favorite counts as an order:

Rrrrroarrr, girlfriend. Get those raspberries.

Self-proclaimed the "Silent Fashion Assassin," Leanne tells us she hails from all the way out-in- left-field-Portland. Yeah, I thought she was going to be like, "all the way from Peoria, Wisconsin Illinois." Mais non. Portland it is. What I love about Leanne, aside from her awesome clothing line name, is her awesome clothing line.




Also loved when Leanimal was like, "I had no idea where we were going. An amusement park... a zoo ... a farm .... a rodeo ... a hemp festival... " At which point during the show Maud wondered if Leanimal wasn't on her first field trip to New York. Cute.

Leanne's dress. Eeehhh... Not the best, not the worst. She gets points for making her model look like a pink toy poodle, something I'm currently in the market for.

Call me if you've seen this dog. I will buy.

Jennifer Golightly:

I liked Jen's Holly Golightly / Dali portfolio less than Leanimal's, but her personality is super fun and she just seems salt of the earth, this one. J Ho will probably prove to be another season 5 silent fashion assassin, but an Italian one, even scarier.

Things we have in common:

I also regret not brushing my teeth (this morning).
I love Italy.

Things we do not have in common:

I would actually love to meet Tim Gunn when wearing nothing but a towel, because then he could dress me. (Tim Gunn, if you're reading this, I'm wearing a towel. Please help.)

Kenley Kennelley III:

Um, btw, where did Bravo pick up all these indie girls? It's like Tim Gunn walked into a Tegan and Sara show in a Velcro Suit and fled out the back with whoever was hanging on. I mean, they're sweet. But Jennifer/Leanne and Kenley/Emily are sort of doppelgangerish, no?

Kenley's look is one of my favorites. I'm not a fan of strapless anything usually, but this is cute and flirty, and it probably doesn't hurt that her model has a perfect body. Her portfolio is kind of rad too.

This reminds me of something I would buy when suffering from a Potbelly milkshake sugar high during a shopping trip. Makes no sense, can wear it nowhere, love it, will pay with Visa.

Kelli de Columbus, Local Hero:

Kelli de Columbus, I love. First of all she reminds me of my friend Michelle, Vice President of GNC, also from Columbus, also totes rad. Secondly, Kelli went to high school with my designer friend Gabe (designer friend Gabe's website), and kindred spirit-- also Gabe's best friend and Michelle's brother-- Sam. (Sam's website.) My point here is not to shamelessly promote my genius friends, but rather to show you how Kelli's awesomeness is not surprising given her stomping grounds. There's something in the white russians in Columbus I tell you.

Moving on. I agree with Helene that the coffee filters are ... something I'd rather see in coffee pots than on boobs. And I love coffee. Maybe if there was some intravenous caffeine device cleverly hidden behind the filters... otherwise, I call wardrobe malfunction, cute skirt.

Daniel my brother, you are older than me... :

... But that's ok I would still have your little baby animals.

Daniel is foxy, literally. "If I wasn't a designer, I'd be a zoologist." Hi Daniel, um, me too. I've said for years that if I wasn't a secretary at a nonprofit or wannabe blogger, I'D be a zoologist! We are obvs MFEO.

Sigh. Our sexuality stars may not align, but at the very least he and I have been to some of the same parties.

From Dan's portfolio:

Ruff! Love it!

Whew! There are so many designers! What is this, week 1?

Back in a few with more Joneseseseses.


Marthe Bonbon said...

p.s. shoutout to genius friend/ nurse Claire O who also lives in Columbus. *Hearts*

The Modern Gal said...

Marthe, I think you picked up on the same vibe that I did: I was pleased at the number of nerdy yet hip gal designers this season.

Hélène du Blonde said...

Big ditto.

Anonymous said...

You do realize that Peoria is in Illinois not Wisconsin?

Marthe Bonbon said...

Hmm. I do now. :) Good call.

Anonymous said...


so many. so cute. do we have a count of girls-wearing-chucks yet?

mabye bravo figured out that all the straight boys watching make me a supermodel were in love with the pixie cut.

xoxo, c

p.s. will you tell leanne that i'm so in a towel and need someone to come to london and dress/date me?

Anonymous said...

hahahaha everything about this post is hilarious. what an amazing blog.


Anonymous said...

i like all the hipster girls EXCEPT jennifer. she seems likes she's trying a little too hard to be different. also, why was she awake and out of the shower when tim gunn came knocking at 4 am?? weeeeird