Thursday, July 31, 2008

Stunway on Location: Dayton, OH

Yesterday morning, a friend of similar stature (read: petite) and I took on the seemingly insurmountable task of loading a one bedroom apartment into a 16 foot moving truck, then moving said truck to Dayton City, USA. It was a lot like Crossroads, except without the stupid Mimi girl. And we didn't have to sing Joan Jett in front of a bunch of strangers...we chose that, actually. Anyway, the point is you'd think after all that I'd want to hit the hay immeidately upon arrival at Maison du Blonde, mais non. I stayed up til 2 to watch some DVR'd PR, and though I was barely concious (and according to my travel companion, hallucinating) I still feel confident in the following assertion:

Leanne was robbed.

More to come, like, when I'm not blogging on my iPhone and driving at the same time. ('s cool. Everything's legal in Ohio.)


Anonymous said...

why does every new PR blog i start to really like just fizzle out and stop updating?

# women blogging and no posts about last weeks episode 5 days later?


Anonymous said...

** 3 women blogging***


Hélène du Blonde said...

sincerest apologies! we've been moving to chicago, starting new jobs, attending weddings in las vegas, and, in general, not having the interwebs. we'll be back in full force by week 5!