Wednesday, July 16, 2008

When reality becomes a fantasy...

Welcome back, PR faithful! Now that we have full access to the new casts' bios (gracias, BPR!), it's time we all take a long, hard look at their body of work, formal training, and, um, actually....screw that. Let's pick teams!

It's time, once again, for Fantasy Project Runway! As some of you may recall, last year, Team DanielVosovicShouldveWon tragically underperformed, finishing in something like two millionth place (out of two million). But this year, I am determined to break the top 100! For this reason, I have decided to choose my team in the same tried and true manner by which I created my March Madness bracket. That is to say, nonsensically. And so, I give you, Team DuBlonde!

Yeah, drink it in, bitches. My logic is quite simple, really. First and foremost, did you read Keith's bio? His personal mantra is, "Get noticed, or go home." Um, MINE TOO! In, Keith. You. Are. In. And Kelli? Well, she's from Columbus, so...done. And sure, there were 2 contestants from the O-H, however, on Kelli's myspace page, she has really pretty red hair, but now, she's a blond. And I kind of love people who change up their hair color all the time and still look cute, so, Kelli - you can stay. And that leaves Leanne. Leanne made this:

Pretty! I'm sold.

I hope everyone caught the sneak peek of tonight's episode during last night's Flipping Out, but if you missed it, you may be delighted to hear that we'll be kicking off this season à la corn husk dress...meaning, at the market! And not just any market...Gristedes! Hooray! Well, wait, I kind of hate Gristedes. That place always smells like soup, and I cannot pronounce it's name for the life of me (which is why I always call it, "Crescendos"), but it was the site of a pretty fierce challenge once upon a season one, so, I'm psyched to see it set the stage for Challenge Un. Get excited, friends!

***UPDATE: Upon viewing the 60-second life stories, Kelli has been brutally auf'd from the team, in favor of Jerrell, who is, by the way, fabulous. Sorryboutchaluck, KelBel.***


The Modern Gal said...

Wasn't Angela "I love to put fleurshons everywhere!" Keslar from Ohio?

Hélène du Blonde said...

While she may have lived in Ohio for some time, I'm fairly certain she was FROM Hades.

adam said...

"it's a pterodactyl out of a gay jurassic park"

"holla atcha boy"

- Tim Gunn <3


LauraB said...

hehe that was my favorite line of the premiere too....