Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Two dudes kind of remember seeing Kelli in high school

Wayside Stories from Westland High School, Galloway, Ohio.

"I don't think I'm going to say anything very quotable. So you want to know about this girl from my high school. So just talk about her, is that it? Yes. Ok. So, I don't think I ever had class with her, but she was one of the people that stood out because most of the people at my school were pretty boring. She was one of the goth kids, but not like the trenchcoat, all-black kind of goth. More of the dye your hair pink, wear spiky things... sort of Lords of Acid goth. Also personality wise, from what I could tell, she was outgoing. Julian's girlfriend was probably friends with her. So she may have something more to say? Do you have Julian's number or email? I think that's it really. I didn't actually know her, or probably ever talk to her. I think she was one or two grades ahead of me. Probably just one."

"Yeah! And I totally remember her ... I think she used to have more piercings and those big sinister go-go boots."



sam said...

disputable evidence. we're going to need a urine sample to clear this up.

sam said...

new kelli martin story:

one time we ran into her friend at meijer. wes knew her and was talking to her. i was there looking for a razor to shave my butt.