Friday, January 11, 2008

Come ON, Eileen!

I think the designers and judges must have been too wasted at their own proms to remember what they were actually like. And how can we even go forward if we disagree on what the definition of "prom is" is?

Prom, at least in Dayton Ohio, is glam, it's fabulous, it's important, it's serious. It's the end of childhood (for three months until college). It is the funeral for pep rallies, popularity contests, and fake student government. It is why freshman girls make out with senior boys. It is how to say "I'm gay but still in the closet to my parents" with style. Prom is an up-do that requires an entire bottle of hair spray. It is one of the last times you will ever dance to "Come on Eileen" that is not at a wedding!

Whatever prom is, it is not Homecoming or a night on the town with the girls. It is not a text message that says, "It's New Year's Day, I just woke up at a stranger's house, let's meet for breakfast at our favorite place," which is sort of what Victorya's dress says to me. Either that, or Homecoming. The hair, the shoes, the bubble skirt ... It just doesn't say "we've been dating for three months, I want to marry you, take my virginity now." Goo. It also sort of looks like something you can buy at the Forever 32 at Pentagon City (Hélène, agreed).

Buuut ... I still love Victorya, and unfair as it is, I would rather her have immunity than sweet Sweet P, who actually made a prom dress, bless her heart. If anything, P's is too fancy, but that's still better than not fancy enough. P's model is like, "As your prom queen, I will ban skinny freshmen hos from the prom, forever."

Chris March, bless his drag queen heart, who even admits to not having been to prom, made the cutest dress up there. His model looked fancy and tres adorable, and maybe prom-ier than Sweet P's.
Also that girl's mom was cracking me up. "That's you!!??" hahahaaaa... *tear*

Go ahead girl!

Rami's ....aeahhhhh.... not so promi. Same goes for Jillian's and Kit's dresses. All three of their models looked too old, too conservative, or too casual. Based on the two seconds of their personalities we saw on the runway and in the workroom, these girls seemed like they wanted to have fun at their prom, not go to a cocktail party at their boss's house.

Whew. So many mistakes, so little time to blog while also trying to do my full-time day job.

Overall though, who am I kidding, I loved this episode. I REALLY loved that the girls got to look at each designer's portfolio before choosing. So cute! When they first came out Maud and I were worried it was going to be a 'who is always picked last for kickball' situation, so thankfully the producers knew to avoid that. But they couldn't protect lil' Victorya from the frankness of teenagers, thank God, because that exchange was hilarious.

V: "So, did you want to work with me because my portfolio is so fierce or what?"
HSG: "Actually I had last pick."


Au revoir pour maintenant mon petite lamb chops. Stay tuned for Maud's psychological evaluation of Christian's model.


resa said...

I love love loved this post. Well done!

resa said...

that's supposed to be loved loved loved

The Modern Gal said...

I'd say your description of what a prom dress should say is spot on.

Hélène du Blonde said...

totally agree marthe - excellent post. and i may or may not have spent 2 hours yesterday looking for a certain picture of us from prom. i didn't find it, but the search continues....

The Style Bard said...

That's exactly what I keep saying. Homecoming is homecoming. Short, bright dresses to shake your booty. A clamorous mess I avoided in HS. I went to prom for the more elegant updo long-dress feel of an adult night with champagne flutes, you know? We had a very modern prom, no gigantic dresses or tulle, but some girls went "trendy" and had short colorful things on that garnered NO attention from anyone... because you can basically get away with wearing those to a dinner out. Red carpet for teenagers is what it is to starlets: wear something outrageous and go big. Not something you can wear tomorrow for cocktails. (Or ever again, if I remember prom correctly.) But, if you go to Nina's blog I think she even says she never WENT to prom? How about having a woman on panel who went to prom recently tell us what's modern for a 17 yr old, mmk?

emcam said...

I love how I can tell which ones are yours from the first couple of sentences! I also love how you got me totally addicted to this show.

martha said...

Hi EmCam!

emcam said...

Hi Marthe!