Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Designers: New year, new you!

Happy new year, friends! The folks at BravoTV.com have checked in with a few of our favorite reality stars (including Jackie, a Dayton City native!) to see what resolutions they're hoping to fufill in the new year. Scope it out to see how good Jeffrey looks!

All this resolution talk got me thinking, it's time we get some resolve out of the 10 remaining designers! Here are my recommendations for how y'all can better yourselves in 2008...

March: Resolve to tone it down and STEP IT UP.

Rami: Try to be sultrier. I KID! That would be IMPOSSIBLE. I love you, you're perfect, don't change. Wait! How about you resolve to make my dress for my brother's wedding? Thanks.

Jillian: Investments are crucial - sink some dollars into a Chi and some speech lessons. This will allow people to focus on how cute you dress(!), rather than your fro and monotone.

Ricardo: Your New Year's resolution MUST be to burn your hat collection. This is non-negotiable.

Victorya: I think they offer free courses in managing conflict. Also in, um, trying not to be so passive aggressive. Just saying.

Kit: Let's see some pistol outta you in 2k8!

Sweet P: Your New Years resolution is to stay sweet! Keep Mean P at bay! Also, to get your button drawn not-last, at least once.

Christian: Invest in a 2008 word-a-day calendar so that you may find an alternate adjective to fierce.

Elisa: Resolutions are all about facing your fears, so, I think, in 2008, you should intimately fit another man. There's more than one flavor of ice cream, E.

Kevin: Please resolve to shed that facial hair. Or I'm bout to bic you myself.

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