Saturday, January 5, 2008

"Unimaginative. Uninspired. And we were Totally. Bored."

Eek. Remember when Heidi said that to Sweet P? Scary, man. She looked really intense. It was like Sweet P's boredom-causing outfit was about the worst thing that a designer could do to those judges. Yipes. Anyway, we know that Sweet P. is safe, Elisa is auf'd, so let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start.

If only we all had a Tim Gunn to shame us into getting out of bed at a decent hour every morning. Waking up would be much more fun. Especially if the day involved tearing candy-shaped pillows apart with people named Sweet P. (Helene, I also noticed how appropriate it was that a tattooed motorcycle chick felt guilty for ripping up stuffed animals, but went ahead with it.)

These designers, as usual when it comes to their Tim Gunn encounters, didn't seem to appreciate the wakeup call. Especially our friend Kit, although I loved seeing that matted mess on the back of her head. Maud and I both know how bleached hair can get in just one magical night: Mat-ted. Like straight up cotton candy on top your head. I also love how Kit is a not a real platinum blonde (no one is) but still talks like one. Me too. I think the hair color gets "in" somehow. Which also explains why people like to mention that Marilyn Monroe was actually smart like it's supposed to be a shock. It's the blonde.

Anyway, in her interview Kit's like, "I have no idea what the next challenge is going to be. The surprises are, like, endless."

Ok she didn't say "like" but it still cracked me up. It reminded me of another interview insight earlier this season when Ricky said he had to show the judges he can make menswear on the menswear challenge.

Speaking of cotton CANDY. I. Loved. this. episode and agree with Elisa: and how can you not want to make things with that sort of like magic magic magic? I will deal with my girl E in my next post.
Stunway Confessional: I've been having second thoughts about the Return of the March. I looove Chris (I mean, how can you not?), but sometimes I think my love has blinded me and I start agreeing with BPR (12/29: The Problem with Chris). I guess if he goes to Bryant Park I will just sort of feel like he was given an extra chance to go to Bryant Park, because he was, and maybe this isn't fair. I don't know. In the spirit of moving on I want to stand by my man, but it will be hard if one of my other faves (Kevin, Rami, Jillian, Victorya, Christian, Sweet P.) goes home first.

Mais Chris, in the far auf chance that you are reading this, je t'aime toujours and still want you to text message me.
Moving on -- the designers looked like mad fools in that candy shop. Mad fools. The crazy circus music Bravo was playing probably didn't help either.
Given their materials, I suppose it makes sense that what eventually came down that runway was a bit ... something. Something ... not all that good-looking. Even though it wasn't the ugliest (I'm sorry, Elisa), Ricky's was my least favorite. The bottom half reminded me of a diaper, and I'm sorry to be gross, but when a diaperish look is also brown, I cannot help but think of poopy poop poop.
"Ok, just don't make a face like you are pooping your pants on the runway. ... Perfect."

But I could really relate to Ricky when he said-- "I think that the mood in the workroom started out like it was going to be a lot of fun, and just great, and we're all having a good time. But I think as time is wearing down people are realizing that to be creative with these kind of materials is harder than people imagine." This man has hit on a profound truth about candy; pounds and pounds of it always seem like a fun, great idea at first, followed quickly by a feeling of total crap.

I really liked Kevin's. As Maud pointed out, it was probably the only truly wearable item up there. But Zac Posen wanted a float, damnit! Is that too much to ask?
"Why is Victorya's model walking like that and WHERE Is my float!!?"

I just found this sweet pic of Rihanna and our boy ZP. They are both so cute.
Sorry designers, my favorite thing on the runway was the adorable skirt that Jillian wore.
Gorgeous. Love it.

More recaps to come. This episode makes me HUNGRY.

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Polgarra said...

I agree with you about Jillians skirt. When she lifted it up and the twizzlers swung back and forth I was so excited. But when it came out on the runway, my jar dropped. The top was ...not.... great.

She deserved to stay cause I still think it was so much better and more difficult but I was still bummed.

PS Love the recap