Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Stunway at the Half

This isn't my favorite season of Project Runway, but I'm definitely impressed with these designers. They appear to be excellent people with a crapload of talent. Every episode is like a giant lovefest of tears, joy, cardigan attitudes, and passive-aggressiveness. I'm sort of surprised that the producers haven't drawn a Hitler mustache on a photo of someone's daughter yet just to stir the pot, because the drama may be at a low-point. I should say, the evil drama: obviously Jack's departure was pretty intense. Christian sometimes seems a bit ... soulless, but even his arrogance is harmless, and the most evil thing about him is definitely his hair. Whatever we have lost in the TV drama department, we can gain back 1 million fold by remembering what the world would be like if 1 out of every 16 designers were like Wendy Pepper.

Perhaps more than anyone, Elisa Jimenez exemplified the cardigan attitude that has been the theme of Season 4 (except for that unfortunate fight between Ricky and Carmen and Ricky and Victorya). I admire her humble spirit and insane self-control (refusing to intimately fit her male model) and will miss seeing her each week! If the other designers have imbibed Elisa's humility and grace, it makes sense that she appears to have imbibed some of Tim Gunn's wisdom as well:

"I feel fortified in what most people would consider a very unusual way. This experience has evolved my whole time here. Everybody contributed to helping me grow in a way that will fortify my work for the rest of my life. They were the true judges, and I passed that test. I feel extremely graced and blessed to move forward in just making work, and making it all work, all the time."

Hahahaha! Make it work all the time, E! Much love from Project Stunway.

Very cool Elisa Jimenez interview with Buddy TV here: "Like, I'm a maker, I make things."


.:Cara said...

this is the first time i'm seeing your blog. how do you get these awesome screen shots? do you work for the show or something??? what is your source?

and thanks for posting them!

Marthe Bonbon said...

Hi Cara: These shots of Elisa are actually all from, but you can take screenshots by pausing the video of an episode on the image you want and then, depending on your computer, capturing the image with a control-shift-4 or something like that. (videos of episodes also on

thanks for reading our blog!