Wednesday, January 16, 2008

"We've Got Tonight"

Helene, I too was scouring my apartment for 1999 and 2000 prom pics after last week's Ep. Above is a classic from the 1999 "We've Got Tonight" themed prom. Here we see the date- picking- girl- up- at- parents'- house- and- enduring- embarassing- questions- and- awkward- joking- while- parents- take- pictures- and- Mom- pins- on- my- date's- boutonniere- because- I'm- afraid- to- part of the night. You can almost hear me saying, "Daaaaaaad! We're going to be laaaaaate! No more pictures!" But I digress... the important thing here is that you note the floor length dress. Oh. Can't quite see it?

How bout now:

Ohhhhhh PROM. The most glamourous night of a young woman's life. It is a formal dance. What more can I say that hasn't been said before by my esteemed co-bloggers? It is painfully obvious by the way the judges behaved that they just don't get it. There is, like, a rule about high school dance dresses and it goes like this: Homecoming = short, fun dress. Prom = TOTAL GLAM. Nina, call me and I'll explain. Not sure if they have prom in Germany... Heidi, maybe you should get on this call too.

I'll tell you darlings who does get it.

It's Sweet P and Chris March!

Perfect! Long, shinny and G-L-A-M-O-R-OUS as Fergie would say. High class. And kudos to Sweet P for acting the mom to her model. Low in the front AND in the back is a recipe for regret. The dress ended up being revealing in a tasteful way. And, I must add that the styling could not have been better! Those chandelier earings with the pretty hair? Très bon.

My personal favorite was Jillian's. Though I would have extended the length a bit... I think she was going for a slightly more fashion-y look, but to me that mid-calf length looks a bit odd.

The bodice and back are sooooo pretty! The color is great for spring and compliments her model's skin and hair... LOVE IT! Jillian was the winner in my yearbook. Team J! (I know. I can't believe I'm rooting for her either.)

There were several dresses on the runway that I'm sure were left hanging in closets (replaced by dresses off the rack from Macy's) on the magical Saturday night that is prom. What a shame! These girls had the chance to have a dress MADE FOR THEM by A REAL FASHION DESIGNER. And what did they get? A whole bunch o fug.

Ugh. Christian's model was annnooooyyyying for sure, but he was being a baby about it. Not very professional or fierce. And that dress looks a mess! The only good thing I can say about Victorya's look is that the shoes are très cute. I loathe bubble skirts. And if Kevin was auf'd because his hem was wonky, what about the crookedness going on with V's dress? I swear! This season the judging has been so erratic. I'm not saying that Kev's dress was good. Two things would have saved him IMO: younger color (maybe a hot pink?) and lengthen the dress to the floor. Can't you just picture how cute it could have been?

As for the rest of the bunch...

Kit honey. You totally missed the mark here! This look is not young AT ALL and the colors make me think of the circus. It actually kinda looks like something a teacher/chaperone would wear to the prom. And Rami. Your dress is one drape-y shawl away from being m.o.b. as Michael Kors would say. Mother of the bride! Personally, I didn't hate Ricky's dress as much as everyone else seemed to. His model was happy with it and although the color washed her out a bit, it was much closer to an appropriate prom dress color than all that electric blue, pea green and Crayola red that was out there.

One more Stunway treat:
Here is Marthe (with a friend) pictured wearing her own fav prom dress. Très beau!

Overall, I LOVED the prom challenge. Well done PR! Two good challenges in a row! It was sad to see Kevin go and to me, it was a toss up over who should be auf'd between Kev and Christian. I think it was Christian's potential that the judges were betting on by letting him stay. He'll need to step it up tonight to redeem himself and prove they made the right choice to keep him. It's been a long time coming... feels like it'll be Ricky's time to go tonight. Though we never know! The previews indicate a team challenge. I wonder which designers will be dumb enough to be the leaders?

See you on the runway.

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Hélène du Blonde said...

tres drole, maud! i adore how we share the same taste - both in fashion and in prom dates.