Wednesday, January 23, 2008

One trick pony

Rami is clearly one of the most talented designers this season. He is (over)confident, he manages his time well, and his clothes for the most part are beautiful. But who wants to see beautiful week in and week out? Bo-ring! Rami is beginning to remind me of one of my fav designers from season 3, Laura Bennett. I consistently loved Laura's clothes. If my life was filled with cocktail parties and glam soirees, I would pack my closet with Laura B's dresses. But the judges began to grow bored seeing the same (beautiful) thing on the runway each week.

In season 3, MK commented that Laura was really designing clothes for herself. This season during the Prom Ep. Nina Garcia made a similar comment, saying "Rami is designing for Rami."

Drape-y, drape-y, drape-y. Rami, your waterfalls of silk Georgette are pretty and you clearly have a gift for working with the medium of fabric, but if you want to be America's next top American designer, you are really going to have to show us some versatility! The judges on RP get bored easily and are quick to notice a go-to technique and are quick to criticize if they see this technique as over-used.

Another designer perhaps deserving of the one-trick pony label was Uli, also from season 3.

Uli loved prints. I mean, the woman REALLY loved prints. Like Laura, Uli's designs were usually cute and could be interesting, but IMO the bohemian look is only versatile up to a point. Can you really imagine owning more than one of these dresses? As finalists at Bryant Park, Uli and Laura were both talented and driven enough to win PR, however, their inability to venture outside of their creative comfort zones cost them the top prize.

Rami appears to be doomed to the same fate. I predict that he will make it to the end, but unless he can expand his range beyond draping, I fear he will not win.

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