Thursday, January 24, 2008

They tried to make me leave the runway; I said no, no, no.

from: hélène
to: john
date: Jan 23, 2008 12:19 PM
re: two things

also, if ricky doesn't go home tonight, i'm hurling myself in the potomac.

from: john
to: hélène
date: Jan 23, 2008 12:22 PM
re: two things

also, i agree about ricky, only i will opt for the hudson (it's closest).



Much to the dismay of Project Runway fans worldwide (and by that I mean me and my friend John), Ricky Ricardo remains. But seriously? Did he have to win? I am just plain stewing over here.

Alright, let's get down to it. My issues with this week are threefold:

1) Good Accessories Do Not A Model Make: MK was all, "Congratulations, Ricky! You made your model look like a crackhead!" And for this, they awarded him the highest honor?! (Ummm....thankfully that's not immunity anymore.) Judges, come on! Ricky's dress wasn't even that cute! I know styling decisions are important, but handing someone the trophy because they put a beehive and some hoop earrings on their model is just plain wrong. You're better than that, Nina. Plus, I'm sorry, do we want to look like Amy Winehouse now? To borrow a term from my friend Ashley's grandmother (who, bless her heart, cannot spell words with silent w's), Ricky's model looked like a total "H!" Also...those boots? Ew.

2) The Judging Here is More Erratic Than In Figure Skating: I am so sick of trying to figure out how this fickle trifecta makes their decisions! They're willing to boot off Kevin for a flop among masterpieces, but Ricky wins solely because he finally delivered?! Be real with me judges - are we taking this whole thing challenge-by-challenge, or not? If we are, Christian should have won. He adhered closely to the parameters of the challenge, and created an original, iconic look. And if we're contextualizing our decisions through the ghost of challenges past - Rami should have won. Okay, I get it: Ricky usually produces a heaping mound of crap, this time he gave us something passable, and voila - a win! But if it's all about A's for effort, how about Drapey McDrapesalot giving you something structured and denim and CUTER THAN RICKY'S?!

3) The Level of Competition (for you as well): Ricky wasn't up against much this week. Obviously, his dress was a lot better than Victorya's coat. It was also more impressive than Chris March's blah-ness, Sweet P's happy hands parade, and even (I hate to say it) Jillian's faded monstrosity. But even though many of the designers brought their C-game at best, Ricky's outfit was still not better than Christian's trucker homage, and it was only moderately contentious to Rami's zippified cuteness. In fact, Ricky's dress is, at best, a bizarro world version of Rami's. Speaking of(!), that's another reason Christian should have won! The challenge was to create an iconic look, and he made his model look like a bizarro world version of a total style icon:

Look at Lisa! She is sooooo "Tell me about it, stud!"

Clearly, I'm not cool with this week's result. Well, Victorya's gone, and I'm glad for that. She really deserved it the most in this episode: In addition to having the worst design, she was totally rude to Chris March in the 501 warehouse AND she, quite literally, rode Jillian's coat-tails (lack of originality has repercussions, bia). And the other positive note from week 9 is that we're finally starting to see the designers form relationships with their models. Aaaand, okay, I was pleased with Jillian's outfits again (where does she get these skirts?!). But I just can't help to think: When are we going to get rid of the mad hatter, people? What if next week, he edges out Sweet P? And the following, Chris March? Right now he may be this:

But he's a hop, skip and a dye-job away from this:

And do you want that on your hands, judges? I think not.

Better decisions in week 10, please. I've said my piece.


David Dust said...


Click here for DavidDust's Project Runway recap.

Marthe Bonbon said...

Helene: Agreed. Totally. I don't get it. p.s. Recap coming soon... I may or may not post a picture of myself as Garth Algar.

Bay in TN said...

You guys are *so* brill. I so wish Bravo would highlight Stunway!

Crazy week!

No new show next week. Shall we weep or make merry?

Galax-chic said...

To bay in tn : I'm afraid Bravo will never highlight Stunway. They simply lo-ve Ricky (for a very, very dark, mysterious and unknown reason) and couldn't bear hearing of someone who thought he did not deserve to win at all...

Especially if b*tchy Christian is preferred to him.