Thursday, January 17, 2008

"I want to assert...that this coat is fabulous."

When you have first pick at models, and you know your design will be based on the chosen one's hair, you've gotta be crazy to pick the chick with the pony-tail fauxhawk.

Crazy like a FOX!

When those ladies hit the runway in all their teased/braided/beehived glory, I was quite apprehensive...but by "special announcement" time, I was sold. It was clear that this challenge would allow the designers to display their point of view, technical merit, and ability to make something preeeeeettyyyy - all at the same time! Creating an avant-garde design with a ready-to-wear compliment was a real-world task for the fashionistas...and actually, I was pretty irked at the contestants for being such babies about the second look. Kids, these things are called challenges because they're supposed to....I don't know...CHALLENGE you. Quit your whining and start designing!

And for the most part, they did...albeit dramatically. The top teams overcame the usual time constraints and inevitable diva antics to create truly fierce designs for fantasy and reality. My favorite? None other than Team Monotone: Victorya and Jillian!

Cute belt, J Bugg! And Tim Gunn was spot on - that coat was fabulous! Even forgetting the coat, did you see back of that shirt?! Oh my godddddd...SO CUTE! Love love loved their look - it was the total package. Clear inspiration, truly complimentary designs, and the whole thing would've translated beautifully to a glossy mag. But this shiz was goin' in Elle, and we all know what that means...

"What did the five fingers say to the face???"


Nina Garcia, fashion director of Elle Magazine and Cheertator of this Cheerocracy, got her way once again. I'm not too pissed, because March and Fieroche did do an amaaaazing job with their organza creation. Anyone who turns 45 yards of fabric into haute couture deserves snaps indeed. (Sidenote: I loved how Christian described the couture look as being "all about the cinched waste and hunched shoulders." You mean, Katie didn't have sick posture? She was just high fashion?! Noted.) Let's be real though...that brown skirt was a throw-away, and you know it Nina!

The other winner on the runway this week was Sweet P. Her one-shoulder dress was her best offering so far, and she may have shifted herself to number 3 on the list of people-just-begging-to-be-auf! You go, Sweets! (KsorryboutyourluckRickybyeeee!)

Speaking of Ricky - STFU already. Okay, fine, I always say that. What I don't always say is, RAMI WHAT IS YOUR MALFUNCTION? Could you please remove the tape measure from your neck and the stick from your ass? Your pretensions are starting to outweigh your sultry gazes!

Even Lauren ain't havin it! Moreover, I just can't defend your design this week Ramster. So not haute. Sweet P wanted to bustle, but you were focused on hustle - and that'll get you auf'd, friend! Plus, I mean, you made her cry. Not cool. Lucky for you, your steamy eyes and draping cred saved you this week...unfortch, that means we say buh-bye to Kit. Le sigh, another Team Leader bites the dust. But don't frown, mes amis! She takes with her 2 full suitcases of friendship and success...and perhaps a cake of moonbeams and rainbows...


The Modern Gal said...

I have one word for team last-minute: Xanax.

I want Sweet P to stick around for my own personal satisfaction. She'll never win, but I'm still willing to sacrifice Ricky/Rami/and perhaps Victorya to the reality Gods to see her at Bryant Park. You know, to stick it to the man, or something.

H. P. said...

Tres droll!

John said...

if i were a diva my name would be ferosh... and so would yours Helene

And thats all i have to say about that