Friday, January 25, 2008


I was just browsing the internets for some pics to include in my post today when I stumbled across the following:

Levi' is SOLD OUT of Ricky's dress! AND they were charging $168 for it! Hmm.


Hélène du Blonde said...

pretty sure i could've bought that on the bebe sale rack for 30 bucks but whatEVER.

Maud Vrais-Bleu said...

Agreed. I was thinking the dress looked like something from Guess that ends up at Value City.

Marthe Bonbon said...

yeah... i was thinking Wet Seal.

Galax-chic said...

Sold out... I'm stunned. Not in a good way.
You could buy it anywhere as everyone else said, but I surely wouldn't buy it. Even if it was a Levi's costing 168$.