Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Are we even making clothes this week?

Sweet P: you've got some work to do this week. While your outfit was the best on your team, that's not really saying much considering the fug that was out there. And of course, on PR, it's never good to be associated with the auf'd designer. (we miss you Chris March!) For at least one more week, you are IN.

Kit: you and "Team Star" looked like you may have been having more fun that we were at home. I was not very impressed with your collection last week. IMO, you lucked out that there were two other teams with FAR worse looks. You're IN.

Steven: I'm having a hard time with you, kiddo. You seem very nice and also hardworking. You don't really stir the pot and you appear to be a team player. So I'm wondering what my problem is with you? This week, I'm looking for you to emerge from you're wallflower status and show us something besides slow, semi-creepy talking. If you can't do this, then I think you should be awut.

Aaaaannnnnnddd talk about real sleeper:

Seriously. Was Elisa even in last week's Ep? Where was the crazy? BRING IT. IN.

Jillian: you're leadership skillz and hot collection last week have forced me to add you to my team. Sigh. I guess you're not as annoying as I origninally thought. I'm not 100% happy about it, but you're obvi talented and probably deserve to stick around. IN.

Rami: you too are obvi talented and also sultry. Totally final 3 material. IN.

Ricky: a few shaky episodes there my friend, but IMO, you were doing your best with what you had on that team. In general, I think men have trouble with passive-aggressive behavior and Victorya was certainly being a pill last week. Keep your chin up, dry your tears and I think you'll be IN this week. If you can't buck up, you'll be awut.

Speaking of Victorya...

Young lady... I hope you've had time to think about your behavior last week. It was not very becoming and I know you're better than that. This week I'm going to need you to be gracious to Ricky. You've shown yourself to be bossy and a poor teammate. I'm betting there's at least one more team challenge between you and Bryant Park (god grant me the serenity...) so you had better shape up be a problem solver. (you're IN.)

Kevin: Dude - you were looking a little harried last week. Just relax Kev! You know you've got what it takes. Keep doing what you do, straight man. You're IN.

Christian: leader of Team Star: what can I say? I love your little itty bitty crazy confident self. Love it. You're IN. Like, duh.

And now, last, but not least, Jack. Ohhhh Jack. I've already read the spoiler (and I won't share it in case some of you are saving yourselves for tonight). It's sure to be a sad Ep. based on the previews -- tears all around (though little mention of the clothes or the challenge which frankly I'm more interested in. Sorry if that makes me a bad person but we already know Jack is going to be okay...). We LOVE you, Jack.

See you bitches on the runway.

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The Modern Gal said...

Q: Are we even making clothes this week?

Gawd, I hope not. After last night's boring Real Housewives, I need my drama fix and am all for an outfit-free soap opera tonight. Bring on the kleenex.