Friday, December 14, 2007

She'll be calling you Raammii, when your name is Tommmy...

Well let's just get this bit of unpleasantness out of the way: Kevin was robbed like a blind man in an elevator! When his model came out she was totally working it. She was like "Daaaymn I am hot! I wish Kevin would turn all of my old clothes into cute strapless yellow tops!"

Oh honey, me too. In particular Kev I'd really like to preserve the cute pattern in a pair of hideous shorts... (a TJ Maxx mistake. one of many.) A bathing suit maybe? Not sure how that works... you are the master.

ANYWAY, she was loving herself, MK, agreed. Rami was also robbed, but every time I see the Bravo pictures of him with things in his mouth (and there are more than 1, Bravo, don't act like you don't know)... I forget. The conversations in my house about Rami go like this:

Me: "He's good."
Maud: "He's sultry."
Me: "I mean, he came to win."
Maud: "He's sultry."
"Don't bring your girl around me cuz imma. imma. imma. imma flirt."

Moving on. I have to say when those women walked out (no offense to them) my first thought was that Bravo was being “intentionally ugly.” Again. I mean, the menswear, the pleather... what were we supposed to think? ... Until praise God two minutes later when Heidi explained and I was like this is SO BEAUTIFUL LOVE IT OMG BRAVO You are a Genius! My notes went like this:

What is WITH THE FUG this season. This season is obsessed with ugly. It’s being intentionally ugly. OHHH THEY”VE LOST WEIGHT! GOOD FOR THEM! THIS IS COOL! I LOVE THIS CHALLENGE! One hundred pounds!!!!
An emotional episode for sure. Maybe even more so because I couldn’t express my surprise and glee like I normally do— someone, a true Project Runway fan, was hiding in the kitchen because she was 15 minutes late and refused to watch the episode after missing the beginning. Every time she passed through the living room she yelled “AEEGGhhh DON’T TELL ME!”
And this episode really made you want to TELL IT didn't it. Especially if you made a prediction that came true TEN minutes later! In this case CHRIS MARCH! Return of the March! IT IS! Return of the March! Oh My God! Pump up the world! Someone give me a cable show because I am psychic for sure.
Brush your shoulders off, Chris. The most classic moment of the season for me was when this nice man was asked to endure another round of hilarious jokes at the expense of his outfit. I loved Chris’s reaction too he’s like, What are they going to do, kick me off? And then he’s just laughing laughing at MK’s insult about a design that he sort of liked before. “I agree.” HAHAHAHAaaa Oh man. Whew. That will not get old to me people just a warning.
It is naïve and greedy to think we can gain something as precious as a Chris March without paying a price. Jack’s departure was obviously super disappointing, his time on Project Stunway like a cruel joke. He was Team Star material for sure, and he will be missed.

If only all of Project Runway were tearful goodbyes, happy surprises, reminiscing over auf'd friends, and women who lost a significant amount of weight. Mais non. This week we said au revoir to sweet Steven. The best part about his exit interview is that he doesn’t quite get why he’s been auf’d.
(He also reveals in the interview that Jillian is "sick and twisted" in a good way. I wonder what that means and if this side of her will come out on the show.) But as for the outfit: Umm. Ummmmmm. Ohhh baby boy. I just don't know if there's any disputing this one. Maybe Steven can file an appeal citing that he could not understand the charges against him and so was not fit to stand trial. Justice Roberts and Justice Carol Channing?
"Steven it's John Roberts. JUSTICE JOHN ROBERTS. Say hello."

Ok BravoTV, let's talk about next week. What about an inspired outfit for Alicia, Rhianna, Chris Brown, R. Kelly.... There is so much hot music talent out right now. Even Rich Boi would work for me. Let's do it. Something that doesn't scream fug. Something like Mary J.


sam said...

i am a flirt it is true

The Modern Gal said...

If I hear one more designer say something to the extent of "I don't do plus sized" or "plus size is so difficult," I'm going to crawl through my TV set and strangle them. Can't remember who the offender was this time, maybe Victorya?

I, too, very much loved this episode.

P.S. Completely unrelated, but the word verification below says "imbuf." If only that were true.