Monday, December 17, 2007

"Does he cook for you?"

Jack is so great. Read the full interview for more JM details on Dale, the infection that led to his early departure, his HIV, what he's doing now and why he got bossy with some bloggers.

There’s this moment in the episode where you’re torn about it, and then you take Tim into the hall. What was that conversation like?
Well basically, I’m working on my outfit, and what happens with a bacterial infection is that it spreads really quickly, so initially it was just localized on my face. I was like, you know, looking ugly on TV isn’t my number one dream, but I can deal with that. And I mean, I worked really hard to get to this point. I auditioned twice. I’m not a women’s wear designer. I made a whole portfolio. I made all these dresses. I’m not going home if I can prevent it. But then I got to a certain point where … I’m malformed for one, and two -- once the infection gets advanced enough, it gets systemic and then you start to feel bad.

So, you’re dating Dale from “Top Chef.” How’s that going?
Well the thing that’s so funny for us because the extent of our dating relationship is we hung out for a couple weekends, and we talk on the phone a lot, and I really like him. And we get along really well. I mean he’s hilarious and I’m hilarious. So it just clicked. And to us – we’d both gone through this Bravo craziness, we immediately got each other and have this common ground. It’s weird. We talked about the fact that we’re not even celebrities. Imagine the scrutiny, you know, Brad and Angelina. I don’t know how those relationships survive with all this, but we’re taking it in stride. It’s funny. It’s whatever. Whether this happens to us or not, I don’t think it’s going to have any effect. I think it’s funny that people even care to be honest.

I don’t read a lot of blogs because there some serious crazies out there, but people are happy for us, whatever that means. They say how cute we are. Maybe Bravo will give us our own reality show. Jack and Dale. No. Jale. Something about Chicago.

Does he cook for you?
Everyone asks that. You know, I don’t make clothes for myself and he doesn’t really cook for himself because we do it all day. So I wear jeans and t-shirts and he doesn’t cook at home. So actually no he hasn’t.

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resa de la renta said...

I found this on the bravo site about Jack and Dale:

God wrote:

Please make a Jack and Dale reality show.
Premise: Dale cooks breakfast in bed for them, Jack designs the pajamas, and we will watch it and we will love it.
The End.

It sounds like one of you ladies.