Thursday, December 13, 2007

You say goodbye, I say hello.

I laughed! I cried! I lusted after Rami! Episode 5 made a true return to the Project Runway I know and love: A show that tugs at my heartstrings and taps into my fashion sense. Lately the producers have focused so heavily on conflict and controversy, that it was refreshing to see these designers act like they really are compassionate human beings with a knack for design.

First off, let me say that no one, I mean no one (well, besides Jack), is more upset than I am that JMack had to leave. My heart hurt for him when he was on the phone with his doctor - and of course, like everyone, I was hoping the "surprise" would be him marching right back into Parson's and saying, "All better!" But it wasn't to be, darlings, and the one marching back in was Monsieur March himself. Time to move on. So let's talk about the good that came out of this - I love that they brought Chris back. Of course, when they brought back Vincent and Angela last season I was screaming to high heaven about "rules" and being "fair," but eeewwwww - I hated Vincent and Angela! They were 80's-loving rosette-makers, who didn't appear to be very good people, and they made me want to throw things at my television. Not in like a "grrr you make me so mad I am going to toss this pillow at you!" way. In like a "I physically cannot stand this and I am going to break my television set out of hatred" way. But CMarch's time was cut all-too-short by one nasty upholstery jacket, so I'm glad that he and his boisterous laugh are back for round deux. If nothing else, they'll provide us with plenty more giggles this season.

Speaking of a welcome return, OMG TIM! YOU'RE BACK!!! I don't know where you've been all season, but bienvenue! All season I've been telling myself to be patient; that once the pool of designers had narrowed down somewhat, you would return to your role as mentor, rather than mere figurehead. Apparemment, my self was correct! And not only am I endlessly happy to have you back, I'm thrilled to hear you say I'm not the only one traipsing through Manhattan, making bad decisions at 3 a.m. We're like two peas in a pod, Timmy. Two peas in a pod. LYLAS!

You know what else I love? This challenge! How cute were these ladies??? Ummm...SO CUTE. I was beyond relieved when Squints got pegged with the wedding dress trap, because it really was his time to go. I mean who takes all that beading and flare and turns it into a pilgrim dress?! Someone who should've gone home last week, that's who. That said, I'd like to declare how happy I am that we are starting to see less and less utter crap on the runway. Really! There was just so little fug this time! Sure, Steven's was bad, and Elisa's was just weird, but ya know who the real fug perpetrator was? None other than Ricky Ricardo. (Side note, his nose ring no longer bothers me. I'm far more troubled by his BELLY BUTTON RING - so glad we got to peep that in the work room. False.) He made his lady look straight up trampy - like someone Tim would've visited on Guide to Style, and told to let go of her young and whorey past. I really do feel like once we get rid of Senor Fug, we'll have a great crop of designers left....

At the top of my list? Kevin, Rami, Jillian and Xtina. Ooooh Xtina, you're gonna make me start saying fierce all the time, aren't you? Just like when Victoria Beckham made me start saying mmmajor. I just love Posh. Now she is fierce. Oh, there I go! But for real, I heart Christian. Did anyone else notice he turned his client into Kate Walsh? Well done, X! 4 Stars. Stars, like hot, like celebrity.

The rest of my love is reserved for Kevin and Rami. (And, according to this pic, I am not the only one with Kev love. Rami! Try to keep up, Kev is the straight one.) Here is a direct pull from my notes on Kevin's creation last night: "FAVE FAVE FAVE FAVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE." Umm, I guess it made a good impression coming down the runway? I give Kev a big OUI on the oui ou non scale for last night. If the challenge was to make the client's old favorite outfit into their new favorite outfit, he was definitely the winner by those standards. I was also really feeling Rami's design, and quite surprised (no offense, J-bug) that he wasn't in the top three. Just look how cute!

Come on, MK, that's cute!

Speaking of cute, big props to Heidi for busting out not one, but TWO not-ugly ensembles last night:

Atta girl, Heids. Not a drop of Chloe Dao in sight.

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The Modern Gal said...

You know, I felt like the designers were more emotional about Chris returning than Jack leaving. I loved the challenge itself but was disappointed by the lack of drama or even surprise surrounding Jack/Chris. Oh well. I'm with you on the Rami/Kev love! Love, luv, lurve them.