Monday, December 3, 2007

Ricky, you got some 'splaining to do...

Since it's way more fun to dish about the designers than waste time telling you what actually happened, we're fortunate that MTV makes a weekly 60 second recap to do the 'splaining:

Whew! Now that that's out of the it Wednesday yet?! Word on the stunway is that this week's team challenge (god help us) will be to turn a fashion "don't" into a fashion "do." Oooooh...I like that, I think!

Especially now that I have seen THIS:
Pleather? PLEATHER?! Bahahahaha score!
This will be good, friends.

If you're anything like me, you spent your weekend indulging a hangover or two in Bravo's project runway marathons. Aaaand comme moi, you've seen the preview for this week's episode approximately 300 times now. Well, I'll just say it: I'm scared, kids. Victorya gets bossy with Ricky! Rami gets salty w/ Jillian! Squints Palledorous gets sassy with the salad-dress-maker! It's anybody's ball-game, and you know what that fantasy team is eff'ed.

Obviously, Team DanielVosovicShouldveWon is underperforming (save the 5 points Sweet P scored by getting bleeped 5 times - sweet mother, Sweet P, you've the mouth of a sailor!). Totally my fault. I abandoned Jack when I saw his Keith Michael moment in the previews, so it's only fair that Team DVSW shouldn't get to share in his victory. Lesson learned: This is Project Runway, not The ain't all in the previews, people. (No disrespect to the Hills - and BTW, Whitney, if you're reading this, I would very much like to be best friends. Ditto to Lo.) Anyway, this week I am not going to let some 30-second snippet determine my fate. I'm following my heart, my intuition and, most importantly, my fashion sense. So Kevin, Jillian and Rami...let's make Daniel V. proud!

Final note: Miss Heidi is making a non-PR appearance on the boob tube again this week. My word-choice is literal, as she'll be appearing in the Victoria's Secret fashion show on CBS. Be sure to tune in to support our favorite fräulein - anyone who's had TROIS kids and a maintains a totally ridic body deserves as much. Oh, and speaking of three kids and an amazing body, Posh Spice will be there! YAY!


Sassy said...

heidi and posh are so fabulous---- can't even believe they carried three kids. Amazing!!

Anonymous said...

I heart Helene.