Friday, December 21, 2007

So ... what do we do now?

Well, if you are lucky enough to live in the Dallas area you can go see Elisa and her partner tonight at the Dallas Contemporary: a new artspace for Dallas. Together they're presenting "A Story of Creation: Boy Meets Girl," from 7 to 9:30-- an "evening of shopping, collectible art, fashion and performance."

Aww, how cute is that?! Boy meets girl ... girl intimately fits boy ... they live happily ever after on some planet. (But not Heidi's planet. Bitch please.)

EJ isn't everyone's favorite this season, but I heart her. I still think she's une artiste vrais, and I admire her for being her own person no matter what craziness is going on up there on the Stunway. If someone in Dallas goes to this show, please send us pictures or any of the intimately fitted details!

The Dallas Contemporary is at 2801 Swiss Ave, in Dallas obviously. Event is free, but the ad suggests that you call ahead to reserve a seat. 214-821-2522. More on Elisa and tonight's show in today's Dallas Morning News.


sam said...

i just love fashion what can i say?????

resa de la renta said...

I could actually go see that as I'm in the Dallas area. Jealous?

marthe said...

um YES! did you go??