Monday, December 10, 2007

Take me to your leader

Dahlings. So sorry for the delay in my post from last week's ep. My love for PR is everlasting but we've been "taking a little break" from each other. After some space, I'm ready to let PR back in the house and talk about what happened last week.

To begin. I LOVED the challenge! IMO, team RickyVictoryaElisa had the best of the "don'ts" to work with. Neon, underwear as outerwear and cut-outs. I mean... these "don'ts" are great -- you have no automatically ugly/dated shape like with sholder pads or poodle skirt. The possibilities were endless for making something adorable AND how fortuitous to have a lingerie designer on your team! That being said, your end result was disappointing.


reminds me...

of this:

The above American Apparel dress is appropriately named the "Figure Skater Dress" and the skirt on it looks (to my untrained eye) exactly like the skirt on Victorya's dress except the AA one is better. Blah. I don't know anyone besides Marthe who wants to look like a figure skater.

Victorya, Victorya, Victorya. Beyond the meh skirt on your dress, what is up with your v. v. bad attitude my dear? I'm sure I would have been just as cranky if I were on a team with Ricky and Elisa, but you are on Project Runway and you have to make it work. I think you had the potential to be a great team leader, but YOU WERE NOT THE TEAM LEADER! I appologize for raising my voice, but sister, if you really were "glad to have someone else step up to the plate" as leader, you sure as hell didn't show it. AND btw, Ricky saved your ass at the last minute by advising you to let in some room for your model's boobs. Good thing you finally listened to him or you would have had a fugly boddice to go with your fugly skirt. Poor Elisa was just along for the ride.

Upon reflection, I've found that I actually have really mixed feelings about the group/leader challenges. My first thought is that it's a bad deal for whoever is the leader, since in nearly every instance, it's been the team leader who gets cut. HOWEVER, I do think that the judges are right when they say teamwork and leadership are essential to success in the fashion industry. Being a leader really is an opportunity to show the world (i.e. Michael Kors, Nina Garcia, Heidi Klum) that you have what it takes. Wouldn't it be fabulous to see someone really tackle the team leader position with enthusiasim and energy rather than dread and trepidation?

Jillian seems to have been one of the more successful team leaders we've seen in recent memory. It certainly helps that she had some really talented and calm teammates, but she also had difficult, imo,"don'ts:" overalls, poodle skirt and 70's flare. Sacre bleu! How do you combine these?!! But with only some mildly annoying and passive-aggressive jabs at Kevin, she steered her team to victory. Is Jillian the new Victorya?

Mais non. I still hate that 'fro.

In other PR news, Heidi Klum made a cameo appearence in a dream I had last night. She measured me and told me I was "not too fat" in a voice that told me she really did think I was too fat. Booo. That's what I get for eating too much brie this weekend -- a scolding from Heidi. I'm off to get a boring salad. I'll be back and posting later with my predictions for Wednesday.


Marthe Bonbon said...

Good eye, sister ... those do look alike. And, c'est vrai. I always want that American Apparel dress and it would always be tres ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

take me to your leader... hahahaaaaa. Ohh MK.

FashionFauxPas said...

so wise so wise. I too am reevaluating my view of Victorya. Who knew that spiteful side was there...

HP said...

I think we're being too hard on Victorya. Doesn't a girl, not to mention a possible creative genius, have the right to get a little cranky?

The Modern Gal said...

I'm with you on your opinion of teamwork, Maud. Everytime someone bitches about the fallout of team challenges, I want to scream "life is all about getting along, people!" le sigh