Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Kevin Christiana makes Rachel Ray look completely adorable for 30 minutes or less

I have just been informed that Kevin Christiana has a Rachel Ray connection. And I. LOVE. Rachel Ray. In fact, I believe it is damn near impossible not to love Rachel Ray. Anyone who doesn't love RR obviously hates really adorable culinary talents, which can only mean a lifetime of pain if you ask me. ANYWAY, the news, which readers should know I have only verified on one message board pertaining to Tim Gunn's appearance on the Rachel Ray show in-- it looks like-- 2005, is thus:
Making it Work Together
What do Rachael Ray and "Project Runway" contestant Kevin Christiana have in common? Their link is that they both work together to put on the "Rachael Ray" show. Kevin is not only a stage-hand on her show, but a front-runner in this cycle of the popular Bravo series.
The "is" is what's confusing me here. So Kevin is Rachel Ray's designer, as in like Winter 2007, is her designer? Hmm. I'm loathe to say what everyone is thinking: this news means Kevin probs does not take home the big one this season. I said I'm loathe to say it so instead I will say... Kevin ... hear me out... WINS Project Runway, takes the money, and decides to spend $100,000 on his career as a stage-hand on the Rachel Ray show.

Non? Allors. Well people, I don't know.
"We need to take a quick break. I'm just going to keep working through this (what is that?) parsely. See you in a few. Oh, hey Kevin Christiana from Project Runway Season 4."

Hmm. In that other picture it kind of looks like he saw Rachel Ray on one of her Tasty Travels jaunts and decided she was famous enough to take a picture with.

Either way, Kev, Rach, love it, work it.

OMG it's almost 10. Maybe they will bring back Chris March. Auf with this blog!


Anonymous said...

kevin has been working for RR for a while, well before PRunway was filmed, and continues to work for her as a side job until the end of the show airs. All of the designers have to keep their "day jobs" so we don't know who won. Kevin also works as a bartender on the side in NYC.

Sunshine said...

Food TV network ever!

.:Cara said...

hmm i wonder if "anonymous" is kevin..

actually. i was an audience member at RR today, and KEvin came out and said hi to everyone.. i screamed like a banshee and he kept looking my way (but not AT me).. so yeah it was cool that he came out

im sure not talking about it mustve been hard for him.. i thought he was an amazing designer and if anyone should've gone home last night, it was ricky.. he's been consistently missing the mark, though i appreciate his passion.

so yeah and kevin looked great.. and had this awesome pinstriped black jacket with a zipper along the back of the neck... it was awesome.