Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Austin Scarlett sells bagillion dollar wedding dress tonight on Real Housewives of the Nouveau Riche I mean Orange County

Hahahaha her daughter's like, "Austin Scarlett who's that?"

Umm DUH. Austin Scarlett, Beautiful Clothes maker from Season 1 of Project Runway. Anyway, from this preview it's not clear that Lauri (real housewife, getting married to "George" in "10 weeks" which seems like plenty of time to me, but what do I know, apparently it's not a lot of time) actually picks a dress based on her AS consult. We shall see.

Alls I know is I will watch any show where Austin Scarlett twirls around thousands of dollars worth of fabric and then says, "I can just see you like craving more glamour."

Speaking of craving more glamour, I never really got why Nina and MK kept saying that AS's clothes were "so beautiful" like it was a bad thing. I mean, do people tell Heidi Klum that she is "too beautiful"? Actually they probably do because she is.
Austin's site cracks me up. "Life Story." That's just awesome. I read the whole thing. This is from his most recent collection. (More on www.austinscarlett.com.)


kate said...

iPhone and I are racing home for this right now! Thanks for the reminder mon petit bonbon!!!

Hélène du Blonde said...

i wanted every. single. dress. she tried on. austin is brilliant.