Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Lipstick on your collar told a tale on you

In my head, I know that Project Runway is a reality show and thus over-produced and edited for drama and story etc., but in my heart, I always believe PR is on a higher plain. This is why it annoys me so much when the little flaws in continuity are allowed to show through. The most flagrant violation comes when the designers choose their models for the next challenge. Backstage after the runway show Tim tells the recently auf'd designer to clean up his or her work space. Then we say a typically teary auf Wiedersehen. Lights out. Cue credits.

Beginning of next week's Ep: morning in NYC, designers waking up, putting on make-up, walking around in towels (Jack), few sad/chatty comments about the auf'd designer then everyone heads to Parsons.

Back to the runway. Hello Heidi! Bring out the models - here they come in their little black slips. Heidi begins, "Models, this is also a competition for you as well." Cue my inner monologue: Wait a minute... they are all still wearing the hair and make up from "last night's" runway show. Side bun... heavy eye make-up... wonky teased-out mess. Hmmm. Either these models are forced to spend the night at Parsons without access to showers, sinks or hairbrushes OR this part is filmed RIGHT AFTER THE RUNWAY SHOW.
Based on my own small un-scientific sample, PR fans tend to be v. smart and have an eye for detail. Who do you think you're foolin'? Helllooooo! We are all watching a show where, to quote Nina Garcia, it's all about the details. Did you guys think we wouldn't notice this little ruse? And secondly, who cares if you film the model elimination right after the designer elimination. I agree it would be rude to make all the models troop back in a day or two later just to be sent home within minutes. But isn't it just as silly to make all the designers pack their clothes for the next day and change into them for the filming of the model selection bit? (Side note on this: Kudos to the designers for being able to pick out an outfit and stick with it so far in advance. If I had to put on an outfit for an hour or so, and then was given 8 to 10 more hours before I had to get dressed again, I'm pretty sure I'd be tempted to try out a different look.)

Anyway. I still love you PR producers. It just hurt my feeling a bit that you thought I wouldn't notice or wouldn't care about these weekly lipstick on your collar moments.


Hélène du Blonde said...

the hair on 'model du fug' illustrates your point very nicely. well done, mvb.

Anonymous said...

It is my understanding, from interviews I've read from PR contestants, that, in fact, the model vote-off AND the assignment for the next day are filmed after the runway decision. The contestants do, indeed, have to bring their next day's clothing - they know that's part of the roles they play.

I also understand that this often occurs quite late at night - the recurring theme of sleep deprivation apparently is quite genuine, since the filming day is a very, very long one.


HP said...

Maud, your comments are always sooo perceptive. I do worry that you are a tad too sensitive -- feelings being hurt -- (but then, you tend that way). Your blog is great fun.