Thursday, December 6, 2007

Million shoulder-pad March

Chris March's auf'ing was, to me, the saddest auf'ing since Austin Scarlett. We didn't get to see all that he could do, and I really loved his sweet personality. Plus he looked so sad up there! I've always had a suspicion that team challenges are evil, and here is our proof. Bravo you are KILLING me with the team challenges. Please make the rest of this season "work" by making it stop. Case in point Numba 1: In my opinion, Sweet P. and Stephen totally bossed Chris March into the team leader position, which was obviously for two reasons: they noticed they were in a three-person team, and they had seen a certain show on TV before called PROJECT RUNWAY. Fortunately for them, Chris March had apparently not caught this show, which I will now call, Project which-team-leader-is-going-home-tonight. Also why I heart CM. He probably thought he was on Project Runway, not Project which-team-leader-is-going-home-tonight.

ANYWAY, clearly he was an innocent lamb, tricked by the feigned confidence of his teammates into the lion's den that is 'team leader' on Project Stunway; his only sin -- choosing the shoulder pads trend -- also forced on him in what were, little did he know, his final hours. Oh Chris. And then, because we weren't afraid enough for him, he opened up a Morton's salt container and poured it directly on our papercuts: "I'm excited to be team leader because I can show everyone that I am a great designer and deserve to be here."

That's not a direct quote, people, I will have to wait for another re-run. Buuuuut you heard him too, don't lie. Maud Vrais-Bleu thinks he said, "It's my time to shine," but I think she's making that up.

If anything, Chris March should feel good that he went out on a dumb challenge. I mean, it could be argued that he WON for really listening to the judges. They asked him to make something ugly, and he did.

Dans autre news, Kit explains her philosophy of life on PR, as well as why she chose Jack & Christian LaCroix for her teammates; and they are the same. “... Because they are both so much fun and that’s why I'm here.” I thought she was there to be "America's next top American designer." Did Kara Saun have fun? Did Jay? Did Daniel V.? I guess they had a little bit of fun. But they also seemed more serious than (i.m.o.) Ricky (badittude), Sweet P. (who Jeffrey S. had to convince to try out), and Christian LaCroix (who is already a famous designer).
Speaking of team Fun-- what is going on with Jack in those previews for Episode 5? Does anyone have any speculation? MVB warned me not to take the previews too seriously, but in spite of their recent behavior (team challenges), I cannot think the producers would try to deceive us THAT dramatically. I mean, Jack is sobbing. I'm guessing it's not because Laura accused him of cheating. What is going on?

What's going on is "I'm so hood" is playing WAY too loud on my radio. BRB.
Ok. That's better.
America, meet Jillian.
Our girl Jillian rose up from the ashes like a Ralph Lauren Phoenix and really got the last laugh there with those overalls. When they were choosing their trends I was like, thaaaat's embarrassing ... couldn't Nina have warned her?! But Jillian seemed to take it in stride. Probably because if she hadn't chosen the overalls, Tim would've said, "sooomeone's in denial." Mais non. Note to Jillian: I have a pair of Tommy Hilfiger overalls that Tim Gunn would definitely make me throw out, but I like to think were urban chic back in the day (1998). That blouse was awesome. You go girl. Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back to Project Stunway.
I have no words for this team. The only thing they proved is that Ricky is definitely going to be in the bottom 2 for the entire season until he's allowed to go to Fashion Week, where he will be the worst, again.


The Modern Gal said...

I'm secretly waiting for the day that my Gap overalls circa 1995 will come back in style. Whoops, guess the secret's out now.

But it would indeed be awesome if Laura (man, I miss her) accused Jack of cheating. Was he the one who said he had Aids?

Anonymous said...

Jack is HIV-Positive. That's not AIDS. AIDS is what happens when you are HIV-Positive and don't take your drugs. HIV virus compromises your immune system and makes you susceptible to things that your immune system would normally fight off, like Pnumonia or Karposis Sarcoma. Jack had stated that, thanks to the drugs he's on, the virus was undetectable in his blood, which makes him ever bit as healthy as a non-infected person.

Marthe Bonbon said...

Thank you, anonymous. I'm glad to hear (on the blogosphere and from Helene) that Jack is happy and healthy and dating that cute guy from Top Chef. I hope if he does have to leave the show, it's only temporarily. :(

EssexPl said...

In the Episode 5 preview Jack says he has a MRSA infection and I think that's why he has to leave the competition.