Monday, December 17, 2007

Do you wanna be a polyester bride?

(Ummm... what?)

Steven Steven Steven. Mon cheri, if anyone needed to illustrate the ability to "make it work" it was you last week. If I heard you say one more time that the fabric you had was "white polyester" I was going to make you eat that dress. HELLOOOOO! Its a competition here! Have you ever seen Project Runway before?!!? Challenges often involve making garments out of flowers (tres difficile), or worse, trash (gross). That you were allowed to use fabric is a real treat on PR.

Oui Oui Oui


Oui Oui
I rest my case.

And while I agree that an all-white palette may present some challenges, I would argue it's not much worse than an all green velour palette (Oy. poor Victorya) AND I'm guessing there wasn't much natural fiber fabric up there on the runway, right? MK pointed out that "you had beading" to work with! What about a cute little embellished top? Or a dress like this little number Daniel V sketched for

Swingy, right? Cute! As I've said before, I have no experience sewing, but I'm pretty sure that Steven is capable of executing a similar design, no? I think it was a basic lack of imagination that led us to say auf wiedersehen to Steve.

Moving on. I really must say Kevin was the winner in my book this week. Once again:
Gah! So cute! I must say, it doesn't hurt that his model is the spitting image of Emme, our fav plus size model. And I never thought I'd say it, but I can even excuse the leggings (though, thank you MK for pointing out that we should be over leggings by now. MK and MVB = on the same page).

Loves, I must scoot and post more later. One too many margaritas at dinner and suddenly I'm ready for a nap. See you on the stunway.


kate said...

"That you were allowed to use fabric is a real treat on PR."
- ummm, super good point, mvb. steve was such a whiner!

Hoof-Hearted said...

Funny stuff, y'all, From neckline to hem you guys are hilarious.