Thursday, December 20, 2007

All I Want for Christmas Is Vous

Only 5 shopping days left til Christmas! Yowzers. Still not done? Moi neither, so here are a few PS recommendations of what to get your favorite superfan...

Mood Fabrics Budget:
These things are going like Bagels! Remember Nick's super-cute My Scene Barbie? Well that biddy is back, and you can find her on Amazon! Wrap it up for your favorite neice, or get a display case and pass it along to your Season 2-obsessed BFF. Sure $150 seems pricey for a doll, but just look at that adorable doo-rag!

Speaking of Season about a famous kimono dress from Kara Janx? Personally, I'm all about the black and green - perfect for a holiday fête, non? And while you're at it, might as well pick up something snazzy for NYE...

If you're really looking to score some points this year, what Project Runway fan wouldn't appreciate...I don't know...say...a trip to Paris?? Um yes, actually, let's move that to the top of mon list. I refer you to the Daily Candy Guide to the city of lights for a lil Parisien inspiration.

Makin it Work For Less:

What do you meaaaaaan you can't afford a trip to Paris? Mon dieu! Well, I suppose we can work it out. If you're tryin to make it out of this holiday season without going totally broke, there's the always-popular choice of PR dvd's. The lucky recipient of this gift will be afforded ample opporunity to memorize every catty MK comment and each note and dance move of the Project Runway Musical! Talk about a gift that keeps on giving!

Or how about the adorable bowling bag Jay McCarroll has been boasting on his Elle Blog?? P.S. Do you read his Elle Blog? Cuz ya should.

Making gifts out of toilet paper and scotch tape:

Though Chris March suggested that was all you could get for $15, I beg to differ! The BravoTV shop has plenty to offer for the fan on a budget. At the top of the list? bout fashiondirectorofellemagazine's book! Even the cover is stylish!

(And be sure to include the latest issue of Elle as a stocking stuffer. Duh.)

But let's get serious: Whether you're working with a ball-gown budget or a Bitten buck, just put a lil thought and care into your choices, and your loved ones will certainly eat up whatever you give them!

Unless your loved one is Christian. Then, well, that shit better be fierce.

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Marthe Bonbon said...

Thank you Helene! Jay's bag is tres cute.