Friday, November 30, 2007

He's still having fun, and he's still the Best 1

Robert Best was, scissors-down, my favorite designer from Season 3. He was hilarious and, as the French say, supercool. Unfortunately, like Allison, he became another victim of that season's nasty habit of eliminating the designer with the "larger" model. When Robert was eliminated in the Everyday Woman challenge, I was pretty sure that Heidi and Michael Kors had never seen a woman who wasn't not-on-purpose-bigger than say, 5'9 Tiki Barber. If they saw what I ate over Thanksgiving they would probably eliminate me from going out in public.

Also he's a Gemini and super cute. Obvi.

Anywho, RB stole my heart in PR3 when, searching for a new way to describe the never-ending drama which is PR, suggested it be called "Project Stunway."

BAhahahaahaaa. Why is that still so hilarious to me? Clearly, because Robert Best is the best. But you don't have to take LeVar Burton's word for it. Check out what he's been up to at Mattel:
For the first time ever, two of America's favorite sweethearts - Barbie and the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders - have joined together to create the first-ever, Pink Label Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Barbie dolls. Fans of Barbie and The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders alike will cheer for these beautiful collector dolls, which represent the darlings of professional football dressed in a fabulous re-creation of the world-famous Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders uniform. Recently unveiled during the final episode of the Country Music Television (CMT) reality show "Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Making the Team 2," the new Barbie dolls arrive in time for the holidays... "Partnering with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders to design their first-ever Barbie dolls was absolutely incredible," said Director of Barbie Collector Marketing, Elizabeth Grampp. "The Barbie dolls represent the heart and soul of American spirit and reflect the intricate design of the world-renowned Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders uniforms." Mattel designer Robert Best meticulously reproduced the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders' internationally recognized uniform, including the iconic blouse, star-spangled vest and belt, and white shorts, with the finishing touches of white cowboy boots and blue and silver poms. (PR-Inside, 11/05/07)
I KNOW. I LOVE THAT SHOW TOO. Sigh. It rarely happens that two of my favorite shows come together to make an actual product. But as for the Barbie: Of COURSE Mattel designer Robert Best meticulously reproduced the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders' internationally recognized uniform down to the iconic blouse and star-spangled belt. We wouldn't expect anything less.

Robert Best, nous vous aimons. Call us. (By call I mean email.)

For more Robert Best, see this interview from, or read this interview (more recent I think) from

See you on the Stunway.

p.s. Bravo TV: Please give RB his own reality show. He is too modest to accept so you will have to give him whatever drug you gave Paula Abdul when you signed her up.


The Modern Gal said...

He and Kayne need their own show. I picture it a sort of fashion and gossip program, perez hilton meets Ellen meets PR.

Hélène du Blonde said...

best. show. ever. can we plan it to start the day after PR4 ends? k great.

Anonymous said...

I agree about the Robert & Kayne show -- I would pay to watch those boys dish, any time!
Also, as long as we're spreading the Best love, I saw on another blog (Project Rungay) that he is illustrating the new "comic" about Laura Bennett. Maybe she could guest star on the Robert & Kayne show sometime!