Friday, November 30, 2007

A cardigan attitude

My first reaction to this challenge was BORING! Ugh. I don't give a hoot about men's fashion. Esp. the kind of men's fashion that is allowed on the Today Show. Blech. But this is what PR decided to give us for Ep3, so we will have to do our best to enjoy it.

First of all, not a shock that Kevin is the only one who knew who Tiki Barber was - great running back... blah blah blah. Oh wait. Did everyone remember that Kevin is straight? Okay, good. Whew. Wouldn't want him to get mixed up with all the gayz. Good thing this football-related challenge allowed Kev to squeeze out one more "I'm straight." (Kevin, you know I'm just teasing. I still *heart* you).

Speaking of Kevin... I agree with Helene that his outfit was pretty fab. In my opinion, he got a raw deal in all that criticism of his color choice. I remember Tiki saying he was "not afraid of color" and that he "wears pink." AND unless my eyes deceive me, he is wearing a purple tie and pocket square in his promo picture:

WHATEVS, MK and Heidi. Whatevs. And Tiki, you know you loved it.

On to the panic/challenge. I understand that none of the designers have experience with men's wear, but I also am not sure why this caused EVERYONE to TOTALLY FREAK OUT. I mean... you are designers,right? I get it that men's clothing is more difficult to tailor than women's, but I just think all the designers should have taken a deep breath and thought about this challenge before going into i-must-make-a-suit-but-i-dont-know-how-to-make-a-suit-omg-what-if-i-get-out mode. I'm not sure why no one (besides Elisa, but that doesn't count because it was fug) thought to make a sweater or something. That seems easier to me, but I'm not a designer/seamstress.

FUG or camping/outdoors-y wear?

Fug. Elisa: you are NUTS.

Moving on. Tiki, I will say that you seem to have a real and well developed interest in fashion. It was hilarious that you and your wife "have spent a lot of time figuring out what looks good on you." No embarrassment with that statement 'cause he knows he looks good.

While Jack obvi made by far the best looking shirt, I think the win could have just as easily gone to Kevin or Kit. I liked Kit's outfit and thought she should have gotten more props for making 3 whole pieces. She's one of the only designers who thought outside the box about the challenge. She knew time would be an issue and so she choose a fabric that would be easy to work with. MK was right on when he said her outfit had "a cardigan attitude without being Grandpa." True.

I think this young gentleman looks quite dapper and Today Show-appropriate. Well done, Kit. Well done indeed. Who knew one could do so much with fleece?

Lets see... what else. Oh, Jillian continues to work quietly and safely. I'll have to say, I like her much better when she tames that hair. She actually looks quite cute:

It was def time for Carmen to go. I think she knew it and I don't really feel bad about this one. No shirt, bad fit, you're OUT. She did crack me up for a minute when she said how she would take the measurements of her male model. Can't blame her. Those dudes were tres hot.

Oh! The previews for next week! WTF is up with another team challenge so soon?? Team challenge, then menswear (booo), then team challenge AGAIN? NOooooooo! I want to get to know these designers as individuals and see what they come up with on their own before too many more of them are auf'd. Now I'm all agitated about this. I'll be sure to post again once I calm down and can think about my predictions for next week. I can't even begin to think about a collaboration between Victorya and Ricky. The mind reels.

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Hélène du Blonde said...

when i saw jillian on wednesday the first thing i thought was "omg maud is going to be so happy her hair is up." me too, mvb. me too.