Friday, November 16, 2007


I have to say, the first ep totally lived up to my expectations. I love most of the designers and am still SUPER EXCITED to see what else they come up with. I agree with Hélène about Christian and Elisa. Based on the previews, I was positive that I would hate Christian. After this first episode, I’m surprised he didn't get on my nerves more, actually. He had a few good one-liners in there that lessened my hate. He is still obviously ridiculous and way way full of himself. And just because he admits that he’s conceited, doesn't make it any less annoying. Elisa, however, I have less tolerance for. Marthe kept saying, "she's a real artist" but I mostly thought she was just entertaining herself and showing off. She was totally obnoxious to me. I loved Nina and Heidi’s facial expressions when Elisa was explaining her “vision” and she kept making those crazy sound effects.

I looked through the designs on the website on Thursday and a few things surprised me. I thought Kit Pistol's outfit was actually really cute the way it was photographed, even though I wasn't really wowed by it last night. I really want to like Kevin, but his dress sucked in my opinion. Maybe it's just because I dislike the black pinstripe and red combo… I dunno. It reminded me of something from hot topic. But I'm still pulling for him! Rami seemed smug, but his dress was really good, so I guess it's semi-justified.

I'm sad that Simone had to go so soon. I liked her despite those gloves she wears in the opening credits. Agreed with Heidi about her color choices being interesting but that dress was totally sad looking and as Tim said, someone has to go first!

And Carmen. Those pants? Really?

Steven's little black suit was really cute to me. Probably one of the only things last night that I would actually wear. He may have to move up onto my team. I thought Marion's dress was BAD BAD BAD. I want to like him because he has my dream occupation (owning a flower shop and designing clothes) but he will have to step it up. I also really like Chris March's personality but his dress reminded me of upholstery. Maybe upholstery in a Sultan's palace, but still, like pillows. Victoria is my fav for now. Mostly because she seems smart and nice and modest. I want to be friends with her!

Lets see… what else. Oh, I actually hate Jillian. She may be my least favorite designer already. Not for her clothes, but I think for her voice. And maybe her hair.
Seriously. Can she look more surly?


Hélène du Blonde said...

Jillian's hair is worse than:

a) carmen's pants
b) christian's voice
c) the random scrap of faux-fur left in the bryant park tent
d) all of the above

The Big O said...

i'm still wondering what happened to andrae

sam said...

andrae is at red lobster with tim