Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Live Blogging .... maybe. This isn't wonkette people.

10:01: Hello, Jack. Jack is talking about his HIV. I love Jack.
10:02: Chris is so cute! Christian says he's humbled from the last show, followed by that he's the best designer in the entire world.
10:02: Bye Heidi! (Ohh that dress is a no.)
10:03: Tiki Barber!!! WHO IS THAT?!
10:03: Steven knows nothing about football? Shocking.
10:04: the Today show? seriously? Gooo.... I am not into this.
10:06: I wish Tim Gunn would walk into my room and say, "we're going shopping."
10:07: Rami is "naturally" nervous. Chris March is laughing laughing. Jack is freakin. Kit knows everything about Television.
10:08: Ricky reveals he "has to show them he can make a suit" on the episode where the challenge is to show them he can make a suit.
10:09: Uh Oh. Keith Michael flashback.
10:10: The claws have been brought forth by the menswear, says Kit Pistol.
10:11: TG: Time IS up. Steven is still in a p.i.m.p. hat.
10:11: COMMERCIAL BREAK... dooo dah do. ... I AM SO NERVOUS for JACK.
Maud Vrais-Bleu: "I don't think Rami is gay."
Helene: "Ricky is a poet."
10:12: COMMERCIAL continued. Who wants to get text messages from the designers? that's silly. (Chris March please text message me.)
10:13: Out out brief candle. Kit Pistol philosophizes about time.
10:17: Wait, these designers are attracted to the male models? but that would mean they are gay.
10:18: never-have-i-ever Elisa reveals she has only "intimately fitted" one man.
10:19: Oh God... seriously NOW WHAT? Who is that?
10:21: Tim introduces the woman who will probably kick off the wrong contestant. maybe she's not a guest judge.
10:22: Tim speaking in the 3rd person. Ricky no look good to Tim.
10:23: Helene du Blonde would like to remind Carmen that THIS IS THE MILLENNIUM
10:24: Members only. I'm still thinking about that.
10:25: Ricky & Carmen are cursing. Why why why? Maybe because this is the worst challenge ever. Tiki Barber, fine whatever, but why why why give them zero time? Sometimes i think they want them to make absolute crap.
10:29: HdB predicts it's Adios Ricky or Carmen.
10:30: Jack Mackenroth feels good, probably because he has the coolest name ever.
10:31: ew- i just caught a glimpse of Marion's outfit on the wall of shame.
10:32: Panic. Panic and emptiness.
10:33: Tim is worried. Tim, so are we. So. Are. We.
10:34: Ok- I've just been informed they had 2 and half days. Or a day and two half days. Whatever. Bravo is making it look like they had about 2 minutes. Sigh. I need some Celestial Seasonings tension tamer tea.
10:39: Oh God. the runway. never has this weird echoey electronic music been more appropriate.
10:40: Wait... hold on... Christian really likes his own outfit.
10:42: Sweet P pretends to shoot herself. Victorya is probs safe. Kevin disappoints again. I'm worried for Chris March.
10:43: These clothes look like total garbage to me. Maud feels like Elisa's model is dressed more for chopping wood than running back.
10:45: Someone give MK a Xanax. Me too.
10:46: TK: "Actually, I'm 5'9." He's just a bitty thang!
10:47: Heidi stands up for Jack, probably because he is adorable.
10:48: Ricky tries to make Tiki Barber look the fool on the Today show.
10:49: Heidi mentions David Beckham AND Seal in the same minute.
10:49: Kit Pistol loves that fleece and luckily for her, so does MK.
10:50: MK wonders if Sweet P. was going for "Intentionally ugly." Tres mal pour elle.
10:54: COMMERCIAL: My anti-dog roommate just said, "Let's get 6 puppies." PR is magical.
10:55: Jack wins!
10:56: Sweet P is in by an act of God only. Probably because God hates swearing, Carmen and Ricky!
10:58: 2 words: members only. members only. Sorry Carmen.
10:59: Ricky is crying, for reasons we understand.
11:00: Congratulations Jack! Whew. Thank God it's on again because that episode felt like a total blur. Tiki Barber was there, even Seal and David Beckham were given cameo reference appearances. Quite a day people. Or a day and two half days. Whatevs.

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Hélène du Blonde said...

the republican debates were on right before PR...we could have done BOTH!!!

you did fab, amie. alex pareene ain't got shit on marthe bonbon.