Friday, November 16, 2007

Bloggers, Gather Round

Welcome to Project Stunway, the newest blog sounding auf on PR4. Check back every week for our unique & professional goss on Tim, Heidi, the designers and their crazy outfits.

Meet our writers:

Helene du Blonde was born in raised in the fashion capitol of the world: Dayton City, USA. She developed the propensity to spend all of her parents' money on clothes at a very young age, and diligently pursued this great passion throughout her youth. At the age of 14 she enrolled in the in the illustrious Chaminade-Julienne Academy of Art & Design - where she met Marthe Bonbon & Maud Vrais-Bleu. Marthe & Helene often congregated at L'école de Samedi - a specialized program for students whose desire to individualize their stifling uniforms often led to the accumulation of "dress code demerits." Helene fled this oppression for another fashion capitol, the state of Massachusetts, where her style steadily evolved into the now famous "sorority girl chic." Her current collection, on display in the District of Columbia, consists of sharp business pieces, an inordinate amount of joe's jeans, and several risque Halloween costumes. Helene du blonde - toujours de la mode.

Marthe Bonbon developed her sense of style at the young age of 4, when, encouraged by both her very cool babysitter, Sarah Fahrety, and the total freedom of the 80s, she began fashioning outfits that the generous could describe as "creative" and the not-so-generous as "retarded." Inspired in large part by Cyndi Lauper, Marthe found herself for many years up against the ancient, sexless, Catholic School aesthetic that Heidi Klum would no doubt judge as, "Blah." At the age of 10, Marthe & her family went on a one-year safari in South Africa. About her time there, Marthe has been quoted as saying, "Animal prints mean so much to me, obviously, because I have really seen these animals. I know them. They are wild." In 2001, the mean girls in her senior class voted her "worst dressed" - a fake superlative she has come to cherish if it meant she was her own person, no matter what ugly Abercrombie sweater was in that week. Currently, Marthe's closet consists of hundreds of dollars' worth of her sister's clothing, which could be snatched away at any moment when her sister sees how cute they look on her, as well as various fun, but unprofessional, pieces from TJ Maxx.

Maud Vrais-Bleu is a self-taught fashion critic and an avid reader of shopping and fashion magazines. Ideally, she would have had a very fashionable and wealthy grandmother to give her lots of fab vintage clothes and costume jewelry, but knows that even had this dream come true, vintage clothing was not made for women with the kind of "statuesque" figure Maud has. The jewelry would have been cool, though. Maud has a strong radar out for ugly, useless clothing, which she never buys. She currently works in the notoriously fugly world of the U.S. Congress. She also attended the prestigious Chaminade-Julienne HS, where she fell in love with navy. She and Helene worked together on the yearbook staff where they enjoyed sifting through the hundreds of photos and finding unflattering pictures of their enemies.


Hélène & Maud

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