Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Crocodile tears will get you everywhere, daahling.

Mid-Week Fantasy Update: I know….I know… I need to come to terms with the fact that Jack is just not scoring Team DVSW any points. But he is just too beautiful & sensitive for me to kick off the team! Perhaps I will give him one more week to make it work before trading him out for Chris March. As for the rest of the team, I knew Sweet P was going to be a good choice for week 2 because the previews had her in tears, but my co-worker tried to tell me that she would be the Cincinnati Bengals of Project Runway: performs well in the beginning, gets me all psyched, and inevitably falters and leaves me hitting my head against my desk. But check out my score report:

3 points SWEET P : Personally saying "make it work"
3 points
SWEET P : Crying
1 points
RAMI : Saying "vision"

Welllllllll snap! In your face, Andy – this week Sweet P had 6 points and Ocho Cinco had 18. OH MY GOD I AM THE WINNER! Well, not really…but I am not as much of a loser as last week…hooray! This stratgery of picking the weepiest contestant has clearly steered me in the right direction, but don’t think I’ll be choosing Carmen anytime soon just because she is Captain Criesalot – no amount of tears could overcome the fug she exudes on the runway.

In non-PR news, did you hear it was Thanksgiving? Well, it totally was, and that means Christmahanukwanzaakah is just around the corner! Now for anyone feeling generous, here’s my shopping list in pictures:

Man, Heidi has like 11 lines of Jewelry out right now. There’s the uber-cheap QVC line, the top-shelf Mouawad line, and now, the middle-of-the-road Runway Line – in which she sells the jewelry she wears in each episode on heidiklum.com. This is a fantastic discovery, which I shall immediately forward to Monsiuer et Madame du Blonde for December 25th purposes…

Aaaand finally, I hope you all caught Ms. Klum on How I Met Your Mother last night. It was a hilarious episode, and she was adorable in it (though she mentioned eating mini-burgers, which I am fairly sure she does not)...

iTunes it if you missed it!

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