Friday, November 16, 2007

"Her model was poo-ing fabric."

Ep1 Thoughts:

Jack is such a total dreamboat. I am kind of pissed his design didn't make it in the top 3 because I love the print he chose with the it, as in, I want to wear it right now but feel it is inappropriate office/November attire. Also, did anyone notice his dress had a bow at the neck that was like exactly the same as the bow on the design by the-one-that-looks-like-Jay-McCarroll? Which reminds me - HELLO, that guy is the new Jay McCarroll. He could go far. But how sad were you when everyone started running and he was the slowest?? I almost cried! (But I cried at the movie Angus. And also Hevyweights.) Anyway, back to my original point - either Chris or Jack is a copycat because their bows were exactly the same. Watch the rerun and you'll see what I mean.

Other contestants: Christian and The hippie lady (did they HAVE to show her doing yoga?) will probably make for some good tv, but they are bugging me already and it is only ep. they need to get auf'd by mid-season. I loved Rami's dress and want to buy it in every color and wear it every day of my life. Also I think I am going to like Jillian, but not because I like her designs or her personality at all, I just like the way she dresses - she is like the first ever PR preppy. And I know the 80's are back, but the 90's are not, and someone should tell Carmen that. I felt Victorya's dress was very sexy-cute and SATC, but so did not deserve to be in the top 3. I think Kevin's dress was not as cute as he is probably capable of, and he might be the sleeper here. And finally, I do NOT wanna be around when Sweet P turns into Mean P. Anyone who can say "Oh, that's from my days in an all-female motorcycle gang" is not someone you should mess with.

Thoughts on the judges: Nina, I've missed you! (I think I feel a special kinship with Nina because both of us lack the ability - or maybe it's the desire - to make our facial expressions hide our distaste.) MK, stop tanning. Sweet moses you are orange. Heidi - are you wearing a dress by Chloe Dao??? But...why??? Her fabric always has such a leftover-Christmas-wrapping-paper feel to it. No mas Chloe, Heidi! NO MAS! Oh hello Monique Lhuillier, would you mind designing my weddding dress please? I had no idea she was so gorgeous in real life, but I have loved her dresses forever because they are super girly and lacey and pretty. Love Monique, she can stay.

Oh, and although I think she will probably be out soon, I would still like to be referred to as Kit Pistol, as that is a totally freaking sweet nickname.

So, in summation:






Marthe Bonbon said...

C'est vrai.

sam said...

where are the chuce nares jakes?