Monday, November 26, 2007

Aw, Ricky you're so fine, you're so fine why are you crying all the time baby boi?

SJP proves once again that she can really turn on the faucet. First Chris March is crying (he's cute), then Ricky's crying, Carmen's crying, Ricky again. So emotional. But can I just say how much I like all the designers so far this season? I would much rather them all be crying, all the time, every episode, than watch another Wendy Pepper ruin everyone's life with her horrible clothes and personality. These designers are great. Group hug.

This episode was a team episode and team episodes just kill me. I'm always nervous they will eliminate the entire team, especially when Heidi says, "And tonight ... (extremely long pause) ... one or more of you ... will be auwt."

One or more?! Oh noooooo! Not what I want to hear considering that team episodes inevitably end in disaster, usually, we have learned, for the leader. Project Memory Lane: Jeffrey & Angela's mom... Chloe, Kara & Daniel Franco.... Wendy Pepper & Kevin...

But only Marion was auf'd. He's a sweetheart and I was sorry to see him go. He looked so sad, and unlike Christian he didn't get salty with SJP or try to blame her for his terrible outfit. Maybe I will buy some flowers from his flower shop. Ahahaa just kidding his "flower shop" is cool-looking and probably super expensive. Oh Marion Lee, our time together was too short, like a rosebud that never blossomed due to a late spring frost.

Moving on. Elisa, I love you. Go ahead girl. True weirdos will always be OK in my blog because of their special ability to expose some cool people as ... well, not so cool. Sweet P.'s attitude was pretty bad when she was paired with Elisa. One could say her mind was so narrow you couldn't ride a Hells Belles motorcycle through it. Why the 'tude, P.? Is Elisa really that weird? I don't know. She seems OK to me. I've seen weirder. I thought Heidi was kind of condescending to her also. If someone says she is from another planet in episode 3 I am writing a letter. Annoooying.
My favorite outfit was mos def Victorya's. Aaaagain. Love it. Love her.


Maud Vrais-Bleu said...

Marthe, I hate to disagree with my sister blogger, but honey, Elisa is wacked out. I'll admit it was semi-depressing when she said she was going to "just do whateveryone tells me to do." But I do not envy anyone having to be on her crazy-train team. I thought Sweet P and Elisa worked well as a team and that she took all the "imbibing" of the fabric with a grain of salt.

Tbone said...

Hi girls - love your site!

Semd us a link next week - I would love to include you in our weekly Recapalooza post.

sam said...

this show is crazier than nick cannon's wild and out!!!!!!!