Monday, November 26, 2007

"Fashion shouldn't be a luxury."

Oh SJP, truer words have never been spoken. How many times have I seen something super adorable, the actual purchase of which would not have been compatible with my desire to continue to live indoors. For example, those cute little pointy-toed plum flats that would have matched my favorite clutch but still cost $80 on sale and I was only working part time so it just wasn't a good time to be buying frivolous shoes. Gah! I still think about those and that was at least two years ago. Anyway, I love that SJP is so sensitive to working girls with a penchant for fashion. I think it must be because she is from Ohio. Salt of the earth, ya know?

Moving on. I loved how nervous all the designers were when they were pitching their ideas to SJP! Chris March looked like he was totally in lurve and starstruck. Poor Kevin was so flustered on his way out that he left SJP hanging on the handshake (of course, she played it off with ease and charm -- it was a very Carrie moment, I thought). Even Carmen, who was all bossy and in my opinion tacky throwing her name out there, seemed a little rushed and agitated. Who wouldn't be?!

As usual, Elisa provided us with some classic reality tv moments. Her "spit marking" technique was obviously silly, and although I do not have much (any) sewing experience, it doesn't seem like a very accurate or long-lasting way to mark fabric. I actually loved the way Sweet P and Elisa worked together. Sweet P had the patience of a saint and really tried hard to make sure her outfit was good, regardless of her partner. It was refreshing to see that even a mis-matched team can make it work.

And now, the runway.

Elisa: can we get a new color next week? I've had enough of the teal, thank you. I do love the cape though, and if you had won I maybe would have driven to whatever random strip mall in Maryland is home to Steve & Barry's to pick one up. Well done. One thing about the model here... what's going on? It looks like she's having trouble straightening her legs or something.

Ricky and Jack were also good together, though I have a few problems with the styling of their model. Not sure about those boots, and the hair... meh. But I do like the color and the belt is tres cute.

Kit Pistol, Chris M., Rami and Jillian, may I have a word with you please? I do not like leggings as pants. To me, it is just not chic. Don't get me wrong - I love love love the thick tights that are in style now. If you put a boot with the leggings (so as to hide them), or tights with heels, or pants, or ANYTHING else you may have won:

I mean, wouldn't these outfits have been much cuter with sweet little above the ankle stovepipe pants? Or I even think really wide-leg pants could work. So many things would have been better! Leggings are just sooooo, I dunno... lazy looking? Workout-esque? Unflattering? (Seriously. Unless one is totally toned, one's derriere is going to look squishy at best in leggings.) BAD!

I'm interested to see what this "hardest challenge ever" is going to be here in Ep 3. What in the world will they come up with next? Ahh, that's why we love PR. See you on the runway.


Hélène du Blonde said...

seriously, what is up with the apendages on elisa's model??

and i forgot to say that rami and jillian's was my fave. i agree about the leggings but i love the styling they did with the bag and headband. tres chic.

sam said...

those last two look like something out of a mid '90s spiegel catalog

I'mCarryingMyselfOn said...

I agree with you about Elisa's color choice. If I see any more teal I'm going to ralph.

natalianyc said...

I must say that the SJP cameo was one of my favorite moments in Project Runway history. She is so gracious and I agree it is because she is from Ohio. It is very difficult to create a fashionable look for a reasonable price, take it from an insider. It was humorous to see the designers puzzled at Mood trying to figure out what bargain fabrics they could use.
On the topic of "teal" or as some may call it "turquoise" I must say that it is a prominent color for this Holiday season, some say it is the new red. But on a personal level, I am not a fan, especially for a mini dress. Also, spitting on the fabric must be a healthcode violation.

The Modern Gal said...

Skinny jeans. Definitely skinny jeans.

Marthe Bonbon said...

Sometimes I dream about a magic wand that can turn my bad or too expensive clothing purchases back into the money I spent on them, or into a TJ Maxx card with restrictions. Like a temporary driver's license.

Hélène du Blonde said...

"if i'm within a block of leggings i just itch all over!"

- tim gunn

Kathryne said...

"Everytime I get within a block of leggings I start itching all over"
-Tim Gunn

Kathryne said...

haha helene i did not see your comment. great minds think alike.