Monday, November 19, 2007

Victoryes Victorya

But first: Simone: Why you do this to me for?

I had also chosen Simone for my Fantasy PR Team and am now -7. What can I say, I liked her name and outfit in the pre-season interview. The fingerless gloves were OK... questionable because of their total lack of functionality ... sort of like her outfit in Episode 1. Where is this person going? I would have to guess a. to bed, b. the Limited 2, c. one of those children's books where you can rotate the top and bottom halves of a person to mix & match outfits.

In her exit interview, she's regretful but doesn't get why she's out. Good thing we are here to clear things up: Simone, your dress looks like lingerie for sad, confused people!

Oui ou non? Non.

Victorya and Chris March are my favorites so far, but I agree with Maud that CM's Ep. 1 outfit looks sort of like something Jasmine would wear on a date with Aladdin. A whole new world, but not so much a wondrous place for you and me.

The sad thing here is that it appears someone else was thinking of Jasmine. Seriously Carmen what is with those pants!? I have to agree with Hélène & Maud. The 90s were cool, great (miss it) but so over and let's be honest here pretty fugly 1990% of the time.

I want to like Sweet P, but her dress looks like a sack of potatoes! Worse, the kind of potatoes that are maybe fun for Thanksgiving, but aren't as good for us-- lots of simple sugars. I can maybe get behind a sack of sweet potatoes, but not this:

Victorya so far is numba one in my PR heart. It's clear she's a fighter. Let's just say if I were Keith from Season 3, I would not want Victorya as the investigative reporter on the case.

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The Modern Gal said...

Ooo, I was an early fan of Simone's out of the gate. She was so normal among a lineup of weirdos, and while weirdos are what make the ProjRun go round, it's almost ironic to be normal.