Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Lighten up, it's just fashion!

Allison Kelly was one of my fav designers from PR3. I thought she was so cute and really talented and it was garbage that she was eliminated basically because her model was "too fat." To be fair, I think they described her as being "bigger than the other models" or something nice like that. The silly bow hair was her choice, but Allison should have made it much further in the season and obviously someone crappy like Angela or Vincent should have gone first.

I mean... this is bad:

But isn't this worse:

Ugh. Okay, but back to why this matters for this season... Allison is now a featured blogger on bravotv.com and will be commenting on the designs and designers on PR4.

At first I was really excited to hear more from Allison. But then I read her post:

I am not a blogger by nature. I despise the negative energy which proliferates throughout the cyber world, but when asked to contribute to Bravo, I decided it would be quite fun to analyze the designs from season 4 from the other side of the runway. My approach is simply analytical, I want to create a positive dialogue about design and nothing less."

WHATEVER Allison. Thanks for making me fee like a bad person for being "negative" in the "cyber world." Lighten up, it's just fashion!

More from Allison: She liked Christian's design, which makes me think he may stick around longer than I originally expected him to. Good luck young man. She also agrees with me and Heidi about Simone's color choices being "smart & modern." It even seems she may think the wrong designer was sent home in this first ep:

"I love acid yellow in detailing, it looks far more chic than a model tripping over a malange of fabric scraps."

HahahahahahaHAAA! Even sweet Allison who is trying to keep it all positive can't resist a little jab at that fugly, poo-ing dress of Elisa's.

Tomorrow I'll be looking for Kevin to step it up a bit. Carmen, you're on my auf list until you show me something cute. Victorya, Steven, carry on with the good stuff. Based on the previews, it looks like a team-based challenge this week, which historically means there's going to be a lot of ugly up on the runway and a lot of drama in the design room. Woot! I'm ready for ep2!

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Hélène du Blonde said...

daaaah, this just made me so excited for tomorrow!!!